• What’s the Best NBN Plan for Seniors?
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  • How to Choose the Perfect Internet Plan for Seniors

Fast and cheap internet

About 70% of older Australians today are online and using technology, and while they aren’t as tech-savvy as the younger generations, they can benefit from having access to the Internet. This is particularly true in today’s modern living where internet connection is key to staying connected, paying bills, monitoring health, and setting up safety and security systems, among other essential activities. 

70% of Seniors Are Using the Internet Every Day 

In a survey of more than 4,500 senior members, the National Seniors Australia found that 70% of them use an internet search engine daily. About 40% use Facebook daily and more than half of seniors over 80 regularly use internet banking. 

Amongst other findings, the most interesting is that 68% of the respondents don’t get frustrated using new technology, and two-thirds of them think that technology is for the seniors as much as they are for the younger generations. 

While that’s the case, there’s little point in paying hundreds of dollars for high-speed data for the seniors. After all, they will merely be using the internet largely for reading the occasional email, staying in touch with friends, stream videos, or casual gaming. 

What’s the Best NBN Plan for Seniors? 

A fair internet deal for seniors is one that offers low-cost services with free or low-cost equipment. It should offer a reliable connection but without premium charges. An internet that bundles a home phone is preferable, too—something that seniors can use at no additional cost. Fortunately, there’s a list of telcos that offer just that with their NBN plans and deals. 

In a nutshell, NBN 12 plans are the cheapest option for seniors who don’t have to do anything complicated on the Internet. But, if they plan on streaming videos regularly, have company at home, or just want faster speeds, you can also take a look at NBN 25 and NBN 50 Plans. 

TPG offers NBN12 plans for $29.99/month that bundles 10GB of data and landline connection. When you sign-up for their 6-month contract, you can waive the $99.95 setup fee. In either contract, you’ll have to pay for the $20 home phone prepayment fee and $10 modem delivery fee. 

For $44.90, Tangerine offers 25Mbps internet speed and unlimited data. Most NBN 25 Plans should provide a reliable internet connection for a two-person household or be fast enough to stream Netflix in HD on four screens simultaneously. 

  • Aussie Broadband NBN Basic Speed Plan 

Aussie Broadband can connect seniors to an NBN Basic Speed Plan that offers unlimited data and landline connection for $60 per month. The telco also offers a range of add-ons like entertainment and hardware as well as extras including mobile phone services and mobile broadband. 

Senior Discounts on NBN Plans 

In other cases, telcos also offer discounts for seniors. These include Aussie Broadband, Vodafone, and Telstra, which offer a $10/month discount on their senior plans and bundles. 

Additionally, Telstra offers 2GB of mobile data and unlimited calls/text for $30 per month. However, considering the data allowance, this may not be the best value for money. It only indicates that senior discounts may not always be the best route. 

How to Choose the Perfect Internet Plan for Seniors

A prevalent concern for many seniors affecting their choice of internet plans is often the cost. This much is true for seniors living on a fixed pension and are thinking that internet service is way out of their budget. 

But, with the availability of cheaper internet, more and more seniors are getting online and enjoying the same opportunities for enriching their lifestyle as any other individuals do. Plus, with the discounts offered by some telcos, they can obtain services at a lower cost than other groups. 

For more tips and advice on how to choose the right NBN plan, whether for you or a senior loved one, visit Compare Broadband. The site offers comparisons of the best NBN plans for seniors available today. 

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