• Seniors and pensioners often look for discounts where they can
  • There are government subsidies for seniors
  • Be a ‘Tech Savvy Senior’ with Telstra

Looking for the best Telstra Internet plans for pensioners? While Telstra doesn't offer specific senior plans, it does have senior-friendly options suitable for those who don't need high-speed Internet and it does offer discounts with the right concession cards.

There are government-assisted concessions for seniors looking for help with their Internet plans, too.

Telstra allows you to change plans at the end of every month without penalty, and you can sign up without a contract commitment. However, there is a one-off modem fee unless you stay connected for 24 months, in which case it waives the fee in the plan package.

Discounts for pensioners

Telstra provides discounts and concessions for seniors and pensioners on their NBN speed plans, though eligibility may vary.

If you have a Health Care Card or Concession Card, you qualify for a special offer: the $65 Starter Internet Plan, which includes 50GB of data and unlimited standard calls to local, national, and Australian mobiles.

Tangerine Telecom broadband provider logo
Tangerine Telecom Value Broadband Plan
  • Unlimited
  • 25/8 Mbps
  • Deal: $49.90 for first 6 months, then $64.90 ongoing
Tangerine Telecom broadband provider logo
Tangerine Telecom Value Plus Broadband Plan
  • Unlimited
  • 50/17 Mbps
  • Deal: $59.90 for first 6 months, then $79.90 ongoing
Dodo broadband provider logo
Standard (NBN25) Unlimited Dodo broadband plan
  • Unlimited
  • 25/4 Mbps
  • Deal: $60 for first 6 months, then $65 ongoing
$60 .00/ mth
Min total cost $60
Dodo broadband provider logo
Unlimited Fixed Wireless Plus Dodo broadband plan
  • Unlimited Data
  • 32/4 Mbps
  • Deal: $65 for first 6 months , then $80 ongoing
$65 .00/ mth
Min total cost $65
Superloop broadband provider logo
Superloop nbn™ Extra-Value Broadband Plan
  • Unlimited
  • 48/17 Mbps
  • Deal: $65 for first 6 months, then $79 ongoing

Telstra's home broadband plans cater to various needs, offering good speeds and data allowances. It also provides flexible payment options with no lock-in contracts, allowing seniors to choose worry-free unlimited data at a reasonable price. Plus, you can switch plans without facing any fees from Telstra.

What about bundles?

Telstra's mid-range plan could be perfect if you're online frequently. Streaming services like BINGE, Apple TV, or Netflix, along with free ones like ABC iView, can quickly consume data. A mid-range speed ensures smooth streaming of these services.

Additionally, if you use high-data-demand devices like game consoles or multiple devices simultaneously, a mid-range plan offers peace of mind without worrying about download limits.

According to testimonials from senior citizens in Australia, Telstra's sign-up process is straightforward, and their locally based call centre adds to the ease of establishing an Internet connection, making Telstra an excellent choice for seniors looking for hassle-free Internet.

Telstra's Internet plans now come bundled with a home phone line, offering unlimited free calls to all phones across Australia, including mobiles. Telstra offers the Home Phone Essential package, an affordable plan for eligible customers holding a Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card.

This bundled offer is available at a reasonable monthly price, making it an ideal choice for seniors seeking discounts on both Internet and phone services.

Compare plans with Compare Broadband

Considering Telstra for your network provider might be a solid choice, especially with its tailored service for seniors called ‘Tech Savvy Seniors’. Through this program, Telstra helps seniors adapt to technology and understand digital tools.

While Telstra may not be the most budget-friendly option, it offers various perks like access to Foxtel, phone bundles, and more. If you value a trusted name and a wide range of additional services, exploring Telstra's offerings could be worthwhile for your Internet needs. 

If you need something on a smaller budget, contact our team at Compare Broadband and we can walk you through your options.