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  • MyRepublic Unlimited Flexi Plan
  • Dodo NBN 25 and Telstra NBN Home Bundle

Seniors using the computer

Are you a pensioner or senior looking to get a reliable internet connection, or are you a younger relative looking to set up the internet connection of a loved senior in the family? Whichever you are of these two, you’re going to like this article.

In choosing an NBN plan for older people, there are many factors to consider, such as the data cap, speed, and reliability.

By carefully considering the needs of pensioners and seniors, we came up with this list of some of the best affordable NBN plans you can get. 

NBN Plan

Speed Tier



TPG Basic (nbn12) S Bundle

NBN 12

- 12Mbps Typical Evening Speed

- 10GB data usage

- FREE Wi-Fi modem 

- Home phone

- No contract


per month

MyRepublic Unlimited Essential 25/5Mbps Flexi Plan

NBN 25

- 15Mbps Typical Evening Speed

- Unlimited data

- $0 connection fee

- No contract


per month

Dodo Standard (nbn25) Unlimited Broadband 

NBN 25

- 20Mbps Typical Evening Speed

- Unlimited data

- FREE NBN-ready modem

- $0 modem delivery fee

- Home phone

- No contract


per month

Telstra Casual Essential NBN Home Broadband Bundle

NBN 25

- 25Mbps Typical Evening Speed

- 500GB data usage

- Telstra Smart Modem with 4G backup

- Home phone

- FREE 3-month BINGE Standard subscription

- No contract


per month


Basic (nbn12) TPG S Bundle

Most seniors only use their internet connection to video call with relatives or visit social media from time to time. These activities don’t consume too much bandwidth. If you just want a good internet connection and don’t really indulge in heavy internet use, the TPG S bundle should be a good deal at $29.99 a month. 

It has a 12 Mbps download speed, 1 Mbps upload speed, and a 10 GB monthly data cap. It may not be a premium plan, but it can provide a good internet connection for pensioners and seniors. Plus, it also comes with a home phone for pay as you go calls.

MyRepublic Unlimited Essential 25/5Mbps Flexi Plan

With more power than the previous item in this article, this plan from MyRepublic will give seniors and pensioners more speed and data to use. At $59 a month, it has a 25 Mbps max speed, 15 Mbps typical evening speed, 5 Mbps upload speed, and unlimited data usage, so seniors and pensioners can have as many video calls as they want with the family. 

While it’s a good plan, it doesn’t come with a free modem. To have it WiFi ready, you need to buy your own modem or get one from MyRepublic at $99 plus a $10 modem delivery fee.

Standard (nbn25) Unlimited Dodo Broadband Plan

This $65 a month plan from Dodo has a speed of 25 Mbps, 20 Mbps typical evening speed, 5 Mbps upload speed, and unlimited data usage. It also includes a free line rental for pay as you go calls, so pensioners and seniors can enjoy affordable phone calls with family and friends.  

It’s affordable at $65 a month, but you can get that lowered to $55 per month by getting your gas & electricity from Dodo.

Telstra Casual Essential NBN Home Broadband Bundle - Standard Evening Speed

If you want speed and reliability, this 25 Mbps bundle from Telstra brings both of these qualities. With 25 Mbps typical evening speed and 5 Mbps upload speed for a plan that charges $75 monthly, it’s fast enough for pensioners and seniors, especially when they don’t use the internet other than video calls, casual surfing, and social media.

While it doesn’t come with unlimited data usage, the 500 GB data cap is generous enough and should cope with your needs, even if it includes heavy video streaming.

To get the WiFi activated, you can buy your own or buy Telstra’s Telstra Smart Modem with 4G backup for $216 plus a $9.95 delivery fee.

This plan also includes a free home phone for unlimited calls to Australian mobiles and standard lines. Furthermore, it comes with a 3-month free BINGE subscription for the latest movies and TV shows.

While it’s not as cheap as the other plans, it offers great value for money with its many features and freebies.

With these NBN plans, seniors and pensioners can enjoy the internet at an affordable price. For more NBN plans for seniors and internet bundle comparisons, Compare Broadband can provide it for you.

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