Vodafone is a global telecommunications company and for mobile broadband it sets a high bar for competition throughout Australia by offering cheap internet data packs especially for the new iPad. The rapidly expanding Vodafone Australia Network gives high speed broadband access to over 90 per cent of Australians and it is a fantastic option for those who cannot receive decent coverage with Telstra or Optus.

Vodafone iPad Plans

Cost            Data              Expiry

$9.95          0.25 GB          30 days
$14.95         1 GB              30 days
$29.95         4 GB              30 days
$49.95        unlimited        30 days
$100           6 GB              180 days
$150           12 GB            365 days

Vodafone iPad Month by Month Plans

Cost        Data              Expiry

$15         1.5 GB           30 days
$29         4 GB              30 days
$39         8 GB              30 days
$49         10GB             30 days


Most plans are valid for 30 days but customers looking for something more substantial can enjoy 6GB for 180 days or 12GB for a whole year.


Vodafone mobile broadband speeds range from 300 kbps to 3.0 mbps. The quality and speed of the signal is contingent on network use, modem capabilities and location where customers may receive up to 6.0 mbps in city areas and slower speeds in regional areas.


Vodafone have rolled out their own network throughout Australia which reaches over 90 per cent of the population especially once National Roaming is activated. More importantly, the Vodafone 3G Mobile Broadband Zone reaches around 94 per cent of Australians and best of all there are no excess charges if you roam onto other networks, just slower speeds.

Benefits and disadvantages

Vodafone’s iPad plans are perhaps the most competitive and distinct compared to those of other providers. It may be seen as a disadvantage that Vodafone iPad have decided to only offer prepaid iPad plans but they are really flexible and present the best value for money compared to Telstra, Optus and Three.

Vodafone’s $9.95 (250MB) recharge will certainly attract new iPad customers delving into mobile broadband for the first time. Vodafone is the only provider to offer 4GB for $29.95 which only buys 3GB with other providers. Moreover, the best value plans appear to be for heavy users who can enjoy unlimited downloads each month for only $49.95, or larger data packs lasting 180 days (6GB) or 365 days (12GB).