How many GB is unlimited data?

Find out how much data you will use and what unlimited Internet plans are available in your area.

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The question of how much data is truly unlimited is common, and the answer varies by provider and plan. While providers advertise unlimited data, there are often hidden restrictions, such as speed throttling or data caps on specific content types. 

Before signing up, it's crucial to read the fine print to understand the limitations. Unlimited data allows continuous, unrestricted Internet use, eliminating concerns about overage fees or disconnection. Unlike conventional plans with set data packages, unlimited data plans offer the freedom to use as much data as needed without penalties. 

Choose unlimited data to enjoy seamless connectivity without the hassles of limits or extra charges.


Last updated 20/02/2024

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In this guide, you will find:

Is your data plan truly unlimited?

In Australia, the majority of Internet service providers offer unlimited plans with varying speeds, covering mobile, home phone calls, and Internet usage. These unlimited deals are prominently advertised everywhere, appearing on streets and TV screens. 

Surprisingly affordable, these seemingly boundless plans come with a catch— not all are truly limitless. Some ISPs restrict connections for those exceeding data quotas. The crucial distinction lies in fair use laws, allowing unlimited access but with limitations specified in each provider's fair use policy. 

These policies define excessive consumption beyond typical heavy usage and must be disclosed by law. Exceeding limits is generally possible only with daily, full-speed downloads.

Full speed unlimited data vs. slowed unlimited data

Unlimited full-speed data grants you unrestricted access at top speed, but it's commonly featured in the pricier tiers of retail ISP providers. On the other hand, slower unlimited data lets users freely browse the web until a specific data threshold is reached, leading to a slowdown in service. 

For example, if your plan offers 10GB at 5G speed, exceeding this limit results in a reduced speed, like 4G or 3G. While both plans promise unlimited data, the speed tiers vary depending on your chosen package. 

It's advisable to carefully review the fine print and specifications of your unlimited data plan to understand the entitlements as a paying customer.

The benefits of unlimited data plans

Deciding on an unlimited data plan can be quite appealing, especially if you use the Internet a lot. And there are definitely some perks to having one of these plans, including:

Peace of mind

Firstly, forget about stressing over surpassing your data limit and facing extra charges. Unlimited Internet plans free you from keeping tabs on your data usage. You can use the Internet without worries, enjoying the freedom to engage in various online activities without fear of hitting data limits or dealing with additional fees.

Yet, the promise of unlimited isn't entirely straightforward. Even with an 'unlimited' plan, Internet service providers can still regulate your data usage. If you reach a certain daily data threshold, you might experience a slowed connection, especially during busy network times.

Multiple users

Unlimited data plans can also be a good option if you have a large family or live in a household with multiple Internet-connected devices. 

With an unlimited plan, everyone in your home can use the Internet as much as they want without worrying about exceeding the data limit.

Great for heavy Internet activity

Regardless of how large the file is you want to download or how long you want to stream your game, having an unlimited Internet connection can easily support your requirements.

NBN unlimited data plans

In Australia, the Internet is essential for various purposes, and an unlimited NBN package offers a solution to avoid hidden fees and slowdowns. Many providers offer unlimited data plans at different speeds. 

While pricing is a consideration, it's crucial to balance affordability and speed. For light users, the Standard NBN 25 tier suffices, while the NBN 50 is popular for three to four-member households. NBN 100 provides the fastest speed but comes at a higher cost. 

Subscribing to unlimited NBN plans allows for multiple device connections and diverse online activities.

Popular NBN unlimited plans

Tangerine Telecom broadband provider logo
Tangerine Telecom Value Plus Broadband Plan
  • Unlimited
  • 50/17 Mbps
  • Deal: $59.90 for first 6 months, then $79.90 ongoing
Superloop broadband provider logo
Superloop nbn™ Extra-Value Broadband Plan
  • Unlimited
  • 48/17 Mbps
  • Deal: $65 for first 6 months, then $79 ongoing
Superloop broadband provider logo
Superloop nbn™ Extra-Value Broadband + PAYG Home Phone Bundle Plan
  • Unlimited
  • 48/17 Mbps
  • Deal: $65 for first 6 months, then $79 ongoing
Dodo broadband provider logo
Standard Plus (nbn50) Unlimited Dodo broadband plan
  • Unlimited Data
  • 50/17 Mbps
  • Deal: $65 for first 6 months, then $80 ongoing
$65 .00/ mth
Min total cost $65
Tangerine Telecom broadband provider logo
Tangerine Telecom Value Plus Broadband + Home Phone Bundle Plan
  • Unlimited
  • 50/17 Mbps
  • Deal: $69.90 for first 6 months, then $89.90 ongoing
iiNet broadband provider logo
iiNet Unlimited NBN50 broadband plan including home phone
  • Unlimited
  • 50/17 Mbps
  • Deal: $69.99 for first 6 months, then $79.99 ongoing
$69 .99/ mth
Min total cost $69.99
TPG broadband provider logo
Standard Plus (nbn50) TPG SL Bundle
$79 .99/ mth
Min total cost $79.99
iPrimus broadband provider logo
Standard Plus (NBN50) Unlimited iPrimus broadband plan
$80 .00/ mth
Min total cost $80

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Seize the benefits of your unlimited Internet plan, whether by earning, giving back, or assisting others. If you're not yet on such a plan, the question arises: should you get one? Absolutely.

In a world where the Internet is integral to work, school, and entertainment, the freedom to connect anytime and engage in online activities is undoubtedly worth the investment.

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