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With the promise of speeds faster than the premium internet services available via NBN, 5G is indeed a tough competitor entering the mobile network industry in Australia. Although NBN is already available in most areas in Australia, the speeds and lifestyle changes that 5G offers is worth a second look.

If you see yourself unsatisfied with your current internet service provider, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from, including 5G mobile broadband. However, unlike NBN and other mobile services, 5G is only available in limited areas in Australia.

5G serves as Optus' solution in fixing the most common frustrations that come with connecting to the internet. The brand even insisted that it had no intention in taking away the customers of Australia's current National Broadband Network. During 5G's launch via Optus, the telco initially offered on-the-go mobile connections and home broadband internet solutions. Although Telstra was the first one to launch 5G in Australia, Optus is the only telco company that offers 5G coverage both for home broadband and mobiles.

Optus 5G mobile broadband is one of the options available for Australians looking for a change in their internet connectivity experience. Early 2020, Optus began its process of building sites and facilities required to distribute 5G connectivity around Australia. In February 2020, the telco managed to build 300 sites with a target of 1200 more by the middle of the year. Currently, around 140,000 homes can enjoy 5G powered home wireless broadband plans in areas located in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, and ACT.

Optus 5G Speed Satisfaction Guarantee

On top of the noticeable change in streaming and internet use experience via 5G connectivity, Optus added a few more perks together with its 5G service. All 5G home internet and mobile plans will feature a minimum speed satisfaction guarantee.

New subscribers are covered with a guaranteed 50Mbps satisfaction guarantee during the whole term of your plan. If subscribers fail to experience the guaranteed 50Mbps download speed commitment from Optus or if they fail to enjoy 5G connectivity, subscribers are entitled to cancel their contract, outright, without worrying about cancellation fees. However, cancellation fees will be only waived if the 5G modem, included in the home internet bundle is returned in good running condition.

Optus claims that its service can achieve a peak download speed of 400Mbps with an average download speed of 164Mbps. However, speeds in your homes are still parallel to the several factors such as network congestion and strength of signal.

5G Home Wireless Broadband Plans via Optus

Subscribers can enjoy unlimited data through Optus' 5G home wireless broadband service at $70 per month. It is available together with a 24-month contract or a month to month subscription fee. However, a setup fee of $200 is required for month to month subscriptions.

However, the 5G Home Wireless Broadband Plan is limited to select suburbs in Australia.  Optus is still in the process of growing its 5G facilities that covers less than 200,000 households in Australia so far. It is available in selected areas in New South Wales,  Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, and Queensland. Optus clients in other areas may soon enjoy 5G services over the 12 month projected period for building 5G sites in the country.

For areas that do not have 5G connectivity yet, subscribers can still go for Optus 4G Home Wireless Plan. It is by far the best service available through Optus in almost every town, city and suburb in Australia. The broadband plan comes with 500GB of data together with a WiFi modem that allows connectivity to up to 64 devices. Download speeds are up to 100MBps but can be affected by network congestion and signal strength. Optus 4G home wireless plans are also available through the Optus network via SpinTel, Yomojo, and Exetel.

5G Home Broadband Plans via Optus

Optus 5G Home Internet promises the best and the latest evolution of the technology. Casual games can enjoy decent connectivity, without worrying about too much latency with the broadband plan. However, it is still far from the single digit milliseconds latency yet. Go for a premium bundle or a different product if you are a heavy gamer.

Download and upload speeds via Optus 5G Home Internet are still dependent with several factors. Your modem location  from the Optus 5G tower affects the speed that you get to enjoy via the 5G home broadband plan. However, Optus promises better speeds in the coming months and years as the technology continues to improve, develop, and expands. Currently, a 50Mbps satisfaction guarantee speed is still a considerably decent speed Optus subscribers can enjoy.

For additional entertainment, Optus subscribers can opt to add Optus Sport together with their home broadband bundle. For an additional $14.99 a month, subscribers can enjoy 24/7 football coverage and live K League and Premier League. An extra $10 a month can allow subscribers to enjoy Fetch Mini or $15 a month to access Fetch Mighty.

$70 5G Home Broadband Plan Minimum Term

New and current Optus subscribers that enjoy the 5G Home Broadband plan can access the service via a month to month or 24-month contract. A $450 cancellation fee that decreases over the term of the contract is included in the term, in the event that your cancellation is not within the limits of the 50Mbps satisfaction guarantee. Failure to return the 5G modem in good running condition, in the event that a subscriber chooses to cancel a subscription within 30 days is required to pay for a non-returnable fee of $330. However, major failures allow subscribers to cancel their contract, with restrictions and limitations. Refunds of unused portions or compensation for its reduced value are also given to qualified subscribers when major failures occur with your 5G service.

Optus believes that 5G connectivity will bring a new unadulterated browsing, streaming and gaming experience to its users. Super fast downloads, wireless technology, and next generation mobile network connectivity bring a lot of possibilities to its users, both at home and at the office. Unlimited data, which offers non-stop streaming, downloads and many more, without the extra cost are exciting features to enjoy with Optus' 5G Home Broadband plans, for an affordable and flexible monthly fee. Its easy installation and speed satisfaction guarantee also gives its consumers peace of mind, a feature unavailable from other telco companies.