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5G technology is changing how we use the Internet, offering faster speeds and low latency. Telcos like Telstra and Optus in Australia are embracing this change by providing 5G services. Telstra, in particular, is moving fast, offering various 5G plans and products, even planning to compete with traditional broadband. 

However, 5G coverage is still limited in some areas, so not everyone can enjoy it fully. In this article, we'll explore Telstra's 5G coverage and learn more about 5G technology and what Telstra offers in this regard.

Telstra’s 5G network coverage

Telstra 5G coverage has been rolled out among 4900 sites across Australia, offering super fast, super simple 5G home Internet.

Telstra has a new network coverage checker to see if you have 5G. You can use its Network Coverage Map to check. It covers all of Australia and shows different colours for the type of mobile network in each area. Blue means 3G, green is 4G, and purple is 5G.

You can zoom in on the map to see your specific area, from the whole country to your address. Telstra has one of the largest 5G networks in Australia with fast speeds, up to 700 Mbps, but your 5G connection strength depends on your location due to the way 5G works.

Telstra’s 5G plans include home Internet and mobile broadband and plans include a Modem 2 as well as no lock-in contracts. Telstra is continuing to evolve its 5G network in the form of millimetre-wave technology, otherwise known as mmWave.

It’s mmWave that takes 5G to a new level as it has around 10 times the capacity of existing 5G networks, delivering faster speeds even in crowded places.

Telstra 5G wireless home broadband

With Telstra's 5G wireless home broadband, you can enjoy super-fast Internet without any complications. Just plug and play, and you'll get 1TB of monthly data and Wi-Fi for multiple devices. 

There's one easy plan, $1 for the first month and $85/month after that. You get a free Telstra 5G modem for 24 months, Telstra Plus rewards, 2 months of Binge, and 3 months of Spotify.

Installation is simple, and existing Telstra customers can switch without fees. Availability depends on your location. If you have questions or need more info, contact our Compare Broadband team - we're here to help.

Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro

Telstra's 5G Wi-Fi Pro offers fast and convenient 5G connectivity. It features a sleek design with a 2.4-inch touch screen and a data usage tracker. It utilises 5G mmWave technology, which provides blazing-fast Internet speeds but has a shorter range.

The device costs $599 upfront or can be paid in instalments over 24 or 36 months. While it promises great potential for the future of networking, there are some drawbacks. The mmWave technology delivers incredible speed (up to 4Gbps), but it's sensitive to distance and interference. 

The device also boasts a 9-hour quick-charging battery, Ethernet port for multiple device connections, and Wi-Fi 6 technology. Despite its promise, there are limitations. It struggles with indoor signal reception and Ethernet connectivity, which can impact performance.

Telstra 5G phone plans

Telstra's latest mobile plans stand out by offering a unique feature in Australia: these plans don't incur additional data charges when you exceed your monthly data allowance. Instead, your data speed is throttled once you reach your limit.

In addition to this data benefit, Telstra subscribers can enjoy unlimited standard national calls and SMS without any extra charges.

Telstra provides month-to-month plans, giving customers the freedom to change their plan on a monthly basis. These plans can either be SIM-only or bundled with a complimentary device. However, if you decide to end your Telstra plan, keep in mind that there are no termination fees, but you will need to settle any outstanding payments for the device.

Other benefits of Telstra 5G phone plans include:

  • Better speeds. Downloading movies and uploading photos and videos is faster than ever.
  • Smoother connections. Love to video chat? You’ll have better connections on Telstra’s 5G phone plans.
  • Enjoy seamless streaming. Immerse yourself in next-gen gaming and stream with minimal buffering.

Telstra mobile broadband plans

Telstra's Mobile Broadband provides convenient, high-data portable Internet (up to 400GB/month) with no additional data charges. It's easy to set up and offers robust online security.

For those who prefer using their own device, Telstra offers SIM-only monthly data plans, ranging from 30GB to 400GB. You can share this data across up to 10 eligible plans on the same account, making it ideal for families or businesses.

These plans include bonuses like 3 months of device security and a one-month Foxtel Now subscription for new and returning subscribers. New Telstra postpaid customers can enjoy 2 months of Binge, and all customers can get a three-month Apple TV subscription.

Compare Telstra 5G options

5G choices can be confusing, even after you've done your research. That's where Compare Broadband comes in to help you find the right 5G plan for your needs.

Don't go it alone when selecting Telstra 5G options. Rely on Compare Broadband to be your trusted partner in finding the ideal 5G plan for you. Visit our website or reach out to us today to compare Telstra plans and confidently meet your broadband needs.