• What is 5G Mobile Network Connection?
  • Optus’ 5G Network Coverage
  • Optus 5G-Enabled Devices and Services

It was in 2019 when we met the new generation of mobile technology that has changed how we look at everything on the net. The fifth generation of mobile technology, 5G as popularly known, is a promising network technology. It was said that with this new generation of connectivity, we will be experiencing a better surfing experience because of low latency, faster internet speed, and a larger network capacity to solve network congestion.

With the rapid expansion of the internet of things (IOT), the demand for a better connection also trends up. Businesses and services are starting to set their stores on the internet clouds for a wider audience reach and convenience of transactions. Such things require a steady and reliable connection to attain a smooth transaction on the internet. This pushed the Aussie telcos to set their services upon 5G capabilities on an immediate time to take advantage of what it can offer. 

Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone are the Aussie owned telcos to first roll out services and devices capable of utilizing the fifth generation of mobile network technology. Nonetheless, it is worth taking note that Optus has remarkably expanded its 5G enabled services and devices at an exhilarating rate.  It has been continuously expanding the network coverage of its 5G service and has also taken the action of making it commercially available. 

In this guide, Compare Broadband will help you to take a look at Optus’ 5G network coverage, Optus 5G-enabled devices, and Optus 5G services. But first, let us get to know what a 5G connection is. 

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  • What is 5G Mobile Network Connection?
  • Optus 5G Network Coverage 
  • Optus 5G-enabled Devices and Services
    • Optus 5G Home Broadband
    • Optus 5G Mobile Phone Plans and Data Plans
  • 5G Broadband vs. NBN Connection

What is 5G Mobile Network Connection?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile network after 4G. This mobile connectivity promises to provide a better internet experience with its so-said low latency, larger network capacity which will solve problems with congestion, and faster internet connection. It uses an innovative frequency mode in the form of 5G mmWave that could send signals at a fast rate but at the expense of range. 

It was in 2019 when 5G had its debut in Australia and in the world as well. Since then, telcos have set their ships on 5G sailing. Optus is one of the Aussie owned telcos to operate with 5G. They have expanded their 5G network coverage and have also launched devices capable of utilizing such advantage. With a visionary perspective, 5G would provide a better internet experience with the “less lag” and “faster internet connection’, or so they say. Nonetheless, since the mobile network is still yet to be rolled out on a larger scale, we still can’t evaluate its overall functions for the meantime. 

Optus’ 5G Network Coverage

As of writing, Optus claims that they have almost 300 sites and 130,000 homes ready to connect to their 5G network connection. Nonetheless, it is worth taking note that most of the covered areas are major cities and regions which include Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

Optus has its network coverage map which will let you see the areas with the specific network generation available there. The map can be zoomed in up to addresses for a more specific view of the network coverage. You have the choice to look up for 3G/4G enabled areas, 5G mobile capable areas, and 5G Home Broadband areas. Nonetheless, Optus has already managed to cover the entire liveable region of Australia with its 3G/4G network. While the 5G mobile network and 5G Home broadband are still only available in major cities and regions. 

Aside from the network connection itself, Optus has also built  its devices and services upon the new network technology. Optus, in partnership with Nokia, is the first telco to offer 5G as a home broadband plan which serves as an alternative for NBN connection. 

Optus 5G-Enabled Devices and Services

Compare Broadband has listed some of Optus’s 5G-enabled devices and services which you can choose from.

Optus 5G Home Broadband Plans

The giant Australian Telco Optus has partnered with the senior tech manufacturer Nokia to produce this 5G enabled service. This is the first home broadband in Australia to utilize the mobile network technology, 5G. As of today, Optus 5G is live in two ACT suburbs – Manuka and Dickson – as well as Glendenning in Sydney. Sooner, these areas will be joined by no less than 57 new areas. 

The said 5G Home Broadband is set to offer unlimited data allowance for a month. The internet speed will have a guarantee of 50mbps. If the customers don’t experience the said guaranteed connection speed, they have the rights to cancel out their contract. You can avail this service in any Optus store or on their webpage at a price of $70 per month. Nonetheless, you should know that this service will only be available if you have the new Nokia 5G home device and other 5G capable handsets. 

This plan is available in 24-month contract and month-to-month payment mode. If you will avail the 24-month contract you will be eligible for a Nokia 5G home device, unlimited data for a month with a guaranteed 50 mbps speed, and a month of free service. 

Optus 5G Mobile Phone Plans and Data Plans

Although Optus’ 5G devices are still in infancy, it has an amazing catalogue for its 4G enabled devices. Nonetheless, if you are looking for an Optus 5G capable handset, you can choose from the Samsung Galaxy S20 series 5G phones, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Samsung Galaxy A90 5G, OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G and OPPO Find X2. Optus offers 24 months or 36 months installment mode of payment for your chosen phone. You can get the phone with no interest if you will stick to the 24 months or 36 months plan. 

The Mobile phone data plans of Optus are divided into five tiers: Small Optus Choice, Medium Optus Choice, Large Optus Choice, Extra Large Optus Choice , and Optus One or the premium choice. All of the plans include data sharing features, and unlimited call and text for local and international talks. Optus Sports + Fitness, special freebie, is also available in all of the plans except for the Small Optus Choice. This freebie will let you stream UEFA Champions Leagues, OS Fitness, K.League, and J.League. The data allowances of each plan are as follows: 10GB, 60GB, 100GB, 120GB, and 500GB. 

5G Home Broadband vs. NBN

It is said that 5G wireless home broadband could stand teeth-to-teeth with the NBN connections. With the low latancy, higher speed, and larger network capacity it promises, it could potentially replace the fixed and wired connections on homes--or so they say. However, the short-ranged nature of 5G connections with its interference-prone frequency, there is still a lot to be improved. On the other hand, a NBN plan could provide a reliable connection at the expense of convenient set up. Probably, households will still stick to the traditional NBN connections for decades to come. Whilst, 5G broadband will be more viable as the on-the-go buddy. Nonetheless, both of the technologies are still in their infancy stages which means that we could still expect developments and innovations in 5G connection as well as NBN services.