• What is Foxtel Now?
  • How does Foxtel Now work?
  • Streaming Quality

Foxtel is a dominant player when it comes to pay television (TV). But recently, it saw the potential to expand its services to offer internet streaming. This paved the way for the emergence of Foxtel Now, a culmination of live TV channels and video-on-demand (VOD) titles.

What is Foxtel Now?

Foxtel Now was initially launched as Foxtel Play. Perhaps the main difference between the two is that Foxtel Now is an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) streaming service that requires minimal setup. This means that you don’t need to buy any extra hardware to start using the service. Nevertheless, you need to have a fast and stable internet connection, as well as sufficient data allowance to maximise your subscription.

How does Foxtel Now work?

Foxtel Now works like with other streaming services. You need to sign up for your package of choice on the official Foxtel Now website. You can also add additional premium packs, depending on the shows that you want to watch. The payment for your subscription will be on a monthly basis, directly debited from your chosen account.

Once you are done signing up, you can already proceed with signing in on your device. If you are using a laptop or a desktop computer, you can do this through a web browser. If you are using a mobile device, you can download and install the Foxtel Now app.

Streaming Quality

To stream content in 720p high definition (HD) which is only available through Foxtel Now, you need to have an internet speed of at least 7Mbps. For standard definition streams, an internet speed of 3Mbps will already do you good.

However, not all of their content is available in HD. Additionally, HD content is only available via the Google Chrome browser, Telstra TV, as well as Chromecast. Sad to say, HD is not accessible on mobile and tablet devices.

What content can you access with Foxtel Now?

With Foxtel Now, you will have the opportunity to access various TV shows and movies since they offer several packs. Two of the most popular packs include the Pop pack and the Sports pack. The former is where you will be able to watch prime HBO TV shows such as Westworld and the Game of Thrones and the latter is where you will be able to watch local and international sports coverage. They also have a Kids pack that is filled with shows suitable for young children.

What devices are compatible with Foxtel Now?

For sure, you will not be able to make the most out of your subscription if a streaming service is only available on only a single device. Fortunately, Foxtel Now accommodates up to five devices on a single account, watching content on any of those two devices simultaneously.

Foxtel Now can run on both Android and iOS powered devices, as well as Chromecast, PCs, and Mac. It is also available on PS4, Telstra TV, Apple TV, and Android TV.

Foxtel Now pricing and packages

Foxtel Now has about five starter packs that you can choose from. An add-on pack will incur an additional monthly fee on your subscription. Nevertheless, below are the packs available, as well as their respective prices.

  • Pop and Lifestyle: $25/mo
  • Drama Pack: $35/mo
  • Sports Pack: $54/mo
  • Movies Pack: $45/mo

You can get all packs for roughly $104 per month.

  • Free Trial

Aside from having no installation costs to enjoy the service, Foxtel Now also offers a free trial for you to assess whether the service works for you. In this case, you have a 10-day free trial wherein your card won’t be charged. Should you wish to continue after the 10th day, then Foxtel will charge you with a whole month’s worth of subscription for your nominated package.

While you can cancel your subscription anytime, it is best to cancel before the next billing cycle of your card. Otherwise, you will be charged for the following month.

What is Foxtel GO?

Foxtel GO is usually included in your Foxtel subscription, such that for existing Foxtel subscribers, its value can be hard to argue since it already comes without an extra cost. Through Foxtel GO, you will be able to watch some of your subscribed content through a free mobile app. There’s no need for you to sign up anymore since you already have your Foxtel account details.

For non-subscribers, Foxtel GO may prove to be more expensive because they need to have at least the minimum Foxtel service to enjoy this feature. Nevertheless, this is where Foxtel Now comes in because, with it, you can enjoy a commitment-free sign up to watch the content you like in a range of different devices.

Foxtel Now vs Foxtel GO in comparison

Number of Channels

For Foxtel Now, you can build your own genre pack, which is similar to how a regular Foxtel subscription works. For Foxtel GO, the number of channels that you can access depends on your current Foxtel subscription. In this case, you will only be able to watch the shows on the channels that you are already subscribed to.

Number of Devices

For Foxtel Now, you can connect up to five different devices with your account and stream shows using two devices at the same time. Conversely, you can only connect up to three different devices with Foxtel GO, but you can still stream on two devices simultaneously.

Monthly Cost

For Foxtel Now, the monthly subscription starts at $25 per month. This entitles you to the Foxtel Essentials which include the Pop+Lifestyle channels. On the other hand, Foxtel GO is free with a regular Foxtel subscription.


With so many streaming options to choose from nowadays, it can be overwhelming to select the one that is perfect for your needs. Nevertheless, if you are not sure yet whether to sign up for the full Foxtel experience, then go ahead and try Foxtel Now. While it can be a little bit more expensive than other TV streaming services, you will have the flexibility to pick and choose packages depending on your preferences.

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