• Affordable internet plans for seniors and pensioners can help them stay connected with loved ones.
  • Modern devices are easy for elderly people to use. They can use apps and social media to stay connected and avoid feeling lonely.
  • Here are the top 3, easy to learn video calling devices perfect for the elderly.

Staying connected is crucial for everyone, including seniors and pensioners. Communication devices with affordable internet plans can help them stay in touch with loved ones and avoid loneliness. 

While face-to-face interactions are valuable, technology allows us to connect virtually from anywhere. Modern devices are user-friendly for seniors, providing access to apps and social media that can alleviate feelings of loneliness.

Top 3 video calling devices for seniors

For seniors, mobile devices and software interfaces can often be overwhelming. However, there are easy-to-use communication devices and applications available that make staying connected possible even with limited technical knowledge. 

It's never too late to learn to use a new device, even for the young at heart. Here are the top 3 options for seniors.


Though there are different video device programs available in Australia, you can’t always beat the basics and FaceTime with the help of an iPad is often the easiest way to communicate for seniors.

As long as you have an iPad with a SIM card and an Internet connection, you can FaceTime anyone anywhere at any time. This enables seniors to click a button and see their loved ones from a distance - no matter how far away.

It’s easy to use and all iPads are equipped with this capability, meaning you don’t have to download any specific software or apps to make it happen.

Let's discuss the price. Facetime is free, but iPads start at $749 for the 10th Gen, and if you need a mobile data plan the cost depends on the telco of your choice and data on top of the tablet. But you can also use it for games and browsing the internet and taking photos of your cats, so there's additional value.


The Konnekt Videophone offers a simplified way for seniors and those with disabilities to communicate through Skype, without the complexity of devices like iPads. 

It's designed to be easy to use, with a large screen for better visibility and loud sound for those with hearing difficulties. While it may not be suitable for everyone, it provides an essential means of staying connected for those who need it most. 

Social isolation can be challenging for many elderly and disabled individuals, making communication devices like the Konnekt Videophone a valuable tool for maintaining connections and improving quality of life.

In terms of pricing, Konnekt Videophone costs depend on whether you rent it or buy it. You can check the Konnekt pricing page to get in touch and find out how much you’ll be paying.


Technology can often be a source of frustration, especially for older individuals. My Lumin is a user-friendly solution designed specifically with seniors in mind. With Lumin, you can alleviate concerns about your loved ones remembering to stay in touch, take medication, or feeling isolated.

Making phone or video calls is as simple as selecting a contact's picture and choosing either phone or video. Lumin comes pre-programmed with numbers and photos of family, friends, and caregivers through a free Supporters app, making it easy to get started right away.

Additionally, Lumin offers the option to replace your landline with a local number that includes national calls, voicemail, and more. The device also provides optional privacy features for added security.

You can choose an annual plan or a monthly pricing plan, but there is a one-time setup fee involved for both. The My Lumin pricing page can give you the information that you need to make an informed choice.

Looking for the best Internet plans for seniors 

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