• Seniors don’t have to miss out on mobile phones just because technology is complicated.
  • Finding a no-nonsense phone isn’t as hard as you may think.
  • Learn which mobile phones for seniors are best in this article.

Finding the right phone can be both complex and costly. It's easy to overspend on a phone you rarely use or skimp on one that doesn’t meet your needs. 

For seniors, a simple, user-friendly mobile phone can be a more practical and affordable choice compared to a smartphone. Nowadays, most phones are packed with excessive features. But what if you just need a phone for basic use? 

At Compare Broadband, we want to simplify the phone-buying process for seniors and pensioners. It shouldn’t be difficult to buy a phone, so here’s what you need to know to find the best mobile phones for seniors.

What to consider when choosing the best mobile phone for seniors

When choosing the best mobile phones for seniors, consider the following things:

Is it easy to use?

Some seniors have issues with mobility, with sight and even with hearing. You need to look at phones that offer a simple interface, easy to read buttons and a screen big enough to see what’s going on. If it’s too complicated to use, the seniors in your life are going to struggle.

What’s the sound quality like?

We mentioned that some seniors have issues with their hearing, so you need to think about sound quality and volume on the phones that you choose. Do a little road test with a call or a text to see whether the phone has loud and clear audio, with adjustable volume settings.

How long will it live before it needs charging?

It’s important to find a phone that will offer a longer battery life before it needs to be charged again. A phone that lasts is always more appealing than a senior fiddling with the charging wire and port.

Is it durable?

Choose a phone that’ll survive being dropped once or twice. Some seniors need something a little more robust that can withstand a shake or two.

Does it offer emergency features?

Seniors are more prone to falls, trips and other accidents so a phone that has an SOS feature or an emergency button for easy access to help is a gamechanger. There are some mobile phones on the market that offer a one-touch emergency button, and these are worth considering if it's needed.

Is it affordable?

Seniors on a pension may not be able to budget for large phone contracts, nor will they always need them. Finding a mobile phone for seniors that fits within their existing budget is much easier, and you can still do that without compromising essential features. If you’re buying the phone as a gift and budget isn’t an issue, consider the plan costs that will be ongoing.

Is there good area coverage?

Whichever mobile phone plan you decide to get, you need to consider whether the phone itself is compatible with the preferred mobile carrier and whether it’s got good coverage in the area. There’s no use buying a phone that won’t connect properly or buy a phone where the signal is too weak to call out.

Is texting easy?

Physical keypads and simplified texting options are often a preferred feature for seniors who struggle with little buttons. Shop around for the right phone that has bigger buttons and is easy to see.

What are the accessibility features?

Choosing a mobile phone with adjustable font sizes, high-contrast displays and backlit keyboards is preferred when looking for mobile phones for seniors. Visual aids are a better investment for someone who is struggling to see.

Is the phone compatible with hearing aids?

If your grandparents (or you!) have hearing aids, find out whether the phones you’re looking at have Bluetooth connection capabilities to connect hearing aids to it. So many hearing aids are being upgraded to newer software, which means that other technology such as smart watches and phones are keeping up with it. By ensuring that your new phone is hearing aid compatible - rated M3 or T3 or higher - you can link your phone up and answer calls or listen to music with ease.

Are there troubleshooting options?

Customer support is so important when choosing a new mobile phone for seniors. Not everyone wants to use an online chat, so making sure there is an option to call someone is vital for someone more comfortable making a call. 

What’s the camera quality like?

Grandparents love to take good photos, don't they? Most seniors will look to take pictures wherever they go in their retirement years, and so looking for a phone with a camera that’s easy to use is important.

Are there good connectivity options?

Evaluating the need for a good Wi-Fi connection, GPS and Bluetooth should all be considered. It all depends on the user’s requirements, of course, so make sure that you’re shopping around to match connectivity options to the needs of the buyer.

Top 5 mobile phones for seniors in Australia

Now that you know what you should be looking for, let’s take a look at the top 5 mobile phones for seniors in Australia for 2024:

KISA phone

For those who want something simple, the KISA phone offers many features that will benefit seniors looking for something easy to use. Those include:

  • Larger buttons that are easy to press, simplifying 
  • One-touch calling options. You can pre-program up to ten contacts, so you can make direct calls without the fuss of menus to scroll down.
  • A dedicated SOS emergency button to get help immediately. 
  • There’s no fussy screen. This phone is designed to be easy, avoiding complex operations.
  • Built-in GPS tracking enhances user safety, particularly in vulnerable seniors.
  • Designed to last with a long battery life, with easy to use charging solutions.


The BigPurplePhone has been made specifically for seniors, operating on a secure family and friends network. It’s one that can be controlled via an app on another person’s phone, which is pivotal for scammer prevention. Some of the top features include:

  • Calls received are only allowed from trusted contacts that have been previously added by family and friends. This really helps to reduce the risk of scammers contacting seniors.
  • Scam prevention is a must: this phone blocks unknown callers and limits contacts to the secure network.
  • There’s an emergency call button for quick access to emergency services when needed. This button also notified family members that emergency services have been called.
  • There is zero Wi-Fi connectivity, operating solely on mobile data to maintain network security.
  • It’s got a simplified design that’s been tailored to seniors. Easy use, easy navigation.

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A55 5G is a mid-range option, but it’s more than suitable for seniors who want a little more from their mobile phones. Some of the best features include:

  • It can connect to 5G, supporting faster Internet speeds with better network performance.
  • It’s easy to use with a customisable operating system.
  • Excellent camera quality is brilliant for clear photos and videos.
  • A long battery life is on offer, reducing the need to frequently charge the device.
  • There’s a bigger screen on this phone, which allows for better visibility and makes it easy to use.
  • It’s an affordable option for all the features that you get.
  • It’s been built to withstand everyday handling, and the materials are robust, which means it can stand to be dropped - though not too often.
  • There’s plenty of storage for apps, photos and other data.
  • Plenty of accessibility features on offer, from adjustable fonts to screen magnification.

iPhone SE (2022)

It might be a couple of years old, but this phone is still a popular option for seniors. It’s an easy one for seniors to navigate, which is why it’s important to check out these features:

  • The design is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • The camera is great, so those who love to document their day to day life will love it.
  • Voice control, screen magnification and hearing aid compatibility are all accessibility features on offer.
  • It’s easy to hold and use with one hand.
  • It’s been designed to last through the day on one charge.


The OPPO A79 5G model is affordable, providing a user-friendly experience that’s not too dissimilar to Apple’s easy interface. Some of the best features include:

  • Long lasting battery life off one charge.
  • Spacious screen, which is great for visibility
  • Affordable and offers great value for money
  • It’s durable and has been built to withstand daily wear and tear.

Mobile phone plans for seniors

There are two types of senior phone plans: prepaid and postpaid plans. It’s up to you and your budget as to which plan you want to go with. 

Rest assured that both can provide you with the necessary data allowance and other features that will be beneficial for senior users.

Looking for senior Internet plans?

While you may be looking for the best mobile phones for seniors, consider your mobile broadband options. Compare Broadband has pared down some of the best senior internet plans in Australia. 

We can help you find a reliable connection to support your online activities including checking your emails, staying in touch with friends and family through video calls, movie streaming, or even gaming with the grandkids. Our broadband experts can simplify the process and get you connected to the right plan. Call us today.