Internode’s Naked DSL plans are easy to set-up, easy to understand and include more than enough data if you regularly download music or movies.

Naked DSL plans suit customers who want to get fast, stable broadband but who don’t need a home phone line. Many residents choose to use a mobile phone service or VoIP service (such as Skype) instead of using a traditional home phone line which involves expensive phone line rental (usually about $30 per month).

Naked DSL uses an ADSL2+ connection so speeds are fast. ADSL2+ is mostly available in metropolitan areas, and you can call us on 1300 106 571 to make sure ADSL2+ or Naked DSL is available to you.

The plans are available on a month-by-month or 24-month contract. For a new broadband service on existing copper lines, a month-by-month contract is a $129 set-up, while a 24-month connection is a $79 set-up. For customers who churn from an Optus direct connection, the set-up is $39 on a month-by-month contract or free on a 24-month contract.

Easy Naked Plans

Easy Naked 30 30GB $59.95
Easy Naked 200 200GB $79.95
Easy Naked 300 300GB $99.95
Easy Naked 1000 1000GB (1TB) $149.95 (not available via the Optus broadband network)

Customers who don’t want to rely on their mobile phone for phone calls can also bundle their Internode Naked service with a NodePhone VoIP service.

There are four NodePhone plans to choose from:

NodePhone-2 Special $0 rental, $10 included monthly credit (for bundling with Internode Naked plans only)
NodePhone-2 Starter $5 rental, $10 included monthly credit
NodePhone-2 Value $10 rental, $20 included monthly credit
NodePhone-2 Premium $20 rental, $40 included monthly credit

Call rates on the NodePhone plans:

Local and national: 18c each (untimed)
Mobile: No flagfall + 29c per minute

Call us at Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571 to find out more about Internode’s Easy Naked plans.