• Broadband with no home phone
  • Great line speeds
  • Internode offering quick and easy Naked services

Naked DSL is ADSL2+ broadband without line rental. It's ideal for households who do not use the home phone, either because they prefer VoIP applications like Skype, or they use their mobile phone for all their calls.

However, Naked DSL is not available everywhere and your application may be rejected for a number of reasons. If your first choice Internet Service Provider (ISP) has just informed you that your application has failed, you still have plenty of other options.

Some ISPs can offer Naked DSL, others can't

If you call a few different providers and some tell you Naked DSL is available and some tell you it isn't, this just means that not all providers can offer Naked DSL in your area. This is often the case in less populated areas, where ADSL2+ is only offered by a handful of providers, or not at all.

Your home phone line is not active

Many ISPs require an active home phone line (that is, you are already paying Telstra or another provider line rental) before they will give you a Naked DSL service. This appears a strange condition and is particularly frustrating for people who have just moved house.

Unfortunately, this is just the way that Naked DSL works. All ISPs who offer Naked DSL require an active line to start the process. However, some will offer to take this first step for you, while others will ask you to activate the line yourself.

It's not recommended to activate the line yourself with Telstra, as you will be charged a fee for disconnecting within the first three months of activation.

If you want Naked DSL from an inactive line, it's better to choose an ISP who will activate (then de-activate) the phone line on your behalf. In this scenario, take a look at plans from iiNet (call 1300 106 571) and iPrimus (1300 137 794).

Naked DSL on a Pair Gain or RIM

Initial checks may have suggested Naked DSL is available, but now you have been told you are on a Pair Gain or RIM and the service is suddenly unavailable.

In this case, you're going to hear the same story from any ISP you call. These terms refer to infrastructure problems that are preventing you from accessing an ADSL2+ service, and therefore Naked DSL.

Instead, you could consider cable broadband if available in your area (call Optus on 1300 137 897 to find out), mobile broadband or ADSL1 with a phone line.

Mobile broadband does not require a phone line but it is much slower and more unreliable than ADSL2+ services. ADSL1 will give you a better quality connection but you will also need a phone line.

Paying for a phone line just to get an internet connection is not ideal, but if you bundle both services through the same provider, you can often save money.

has some good value ADSL1 plans, including 40GB plus a phone line for $69.90 a month, on a 24, 12 or 0-month plan.

Dodo also have a range of ADSL1 plans for all budgets, from just $49.80 for broadband and a home phone line with 1GB, to unlimited data plus a home phone line for $89.90 a month. Give Dodo a call on 1300 136 793.

Regional areas

Naked DSL requires an ADSL2+ connection, and this type of broadband is not available everywhere. Call several different providers first, including iiNet, Internode (call us on 1300 106 571 for Internode plans) iPrimus and TPG (1300 106 571 again) to find out if anyone can offer Naked DSL in your area.

If Naked DSL is unavailable, you can usually opt for an ADSL1 or mobile broadband plan instead.