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WiFi is great for home connections in Australia. It’s a good bye to the mess of cables, allowing you to access the Internet wherever you are in the house. Got a family full of laptops, phones and tablets? Then Wi-Fi is a must. If you’ve reached this page then we can guess that you’re heavy user, looking for a lot of data each month. Perhaps even unlimited? If you want a good idea of the best unlimited Wi-Fi plans in Australia, then this site is a good place to start. We have compiled a list of the best unlimited WiFi plans for you to compare and save. With unlimited WiFi, it most likely comes down to what’s available in Australia. After a having a good look at the information below, give the supplied numbers a call to see if it’s available in Australia.

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WiFi connections are easy to setup in Australia. All you need is a broadband connection and a WiFi enabled modem. Most internet providers will offer you a free WiFi modem on a 24-month contract or offer you to buy one from them, if they can connect you to their plan in Australia. They are shipped to your house complete with all needed cables, instructions and CDs. Most providers will offer phone support if the aforementioned fail to help you set it up. Don’t fear though, it’s an easy process and almost all modems are compatible with every plan. A quick check with a provider to double check is recommended though. WiFi networks allow you to use the Internet wirelessly within your home wherever you are. Want to watch a few YouTube videos in bed while snacking on tim-tams? You can with wifi. In fact, that’s what the engineers had in mind when creating WiFi…I think. Long story short, it allows you a lot of ease and flexibility with your home Internet connection. No need for messy cables or complex installations of home cable networks. Simply plug in your modem to the wall and phone line and you’ve got an instant home internet network! It’s easy, fast and cheap. If you’re interested in figuring out how much it will cost you to get a modem, give your internet provider of choice a call using the numbers provided on site to check out if you can get connected in Australia!

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