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Exetel ADSL, ADSL2+ and Naked DSL customers can choose from a range of available modems depending on their individual broadband needs. All Exetel modems attract an additional $20 freight delivery charge.

Exetel Single port modems

Exetel customers can choose to purchase a single port Netcomm NB6 broadband modem for $60 when signing up to an Exetel, ADLS2+ or Naked DSL plan. The Netcomm NB6 is ideal for broadband beginners or users who only need to connect a single computer to the internet at a time. You can also connect via a single USB port and the NB6 also comes with an NAT firewall, VPN pass-through and a three year customer warranty. The NB6 is compatible with most Australian internet providers.

Exetel broadband customers who want the option of connecting to the internet wirelessly can purchase a Netcomm NB6W for an additional $90. The NB6w includes an 802.11g wireless capability to allow Exetel customers to setup a wireless network connect to the internet anywhere in the home or office without needing an Ethernet cable. The NB6w also includes a USB port and an Ethernet connection and also comes with a three year warranty.

Exetel 4-port modems

Exetel customers who want to connect multiple computers at once, both via Ethernet and wirelessly can choose to purchase the Netcomm NB6Plus4W modem/router for an additional $110.  The NB6Plus4w allows up to 4 computers to connect at once via Ethernet capable as well as an additional four computer connecting via an 802.11g wireless network.  The NB6Plus4W includes QOS (Quality of Service 0to ensure you can share your internet connection while prioritising traffic. It includes 4 LAN ports, 1 WAN port and 1 USB port and also comes with a 3 year customer warranty.

Exetel customers who want to connect multiple computers both wirelessly and via Ethernet cable, while at the same time using a VoIP plan can purchase the Dynalink RTA1046VW modem for an additional $175. The RTA1046VW allows Exetel customer to connect up to 4 computers via Ethernet cable and up to four computers via a wireless network. The RTA1046VW also allows VoIP calling when signed up to an eligible VoIP plan, to save Exetel customers money on their home phone calls.

Other Exetel Broadband hardware

Exetel Broadband customers can purchase a NB544 wireless network card that can connect to any USB enabled laptop or PC. His will allow Exetel customers to connect their computer to their home wireless network. The NB544 has a new compact antenna that allows Exetel customers to move freely around their home or office. Security is assured with the NB544 as it comes with the latest WPA and WEP security standards. All you need to do is plug the NB544 into any USB port on your PC or Laptop, run the installation wizard and you are ready to connect.
You can purchase any of these modems when signing up to an Exetel broadband plan. You are also free to purchase your own modem and bring it to an Exetel plan as long as you know how to set it up. Exetel only offers limited technical support for modems that it hasn’t supplied.

You can also search online and compare modem prices at Getprice.com.au