• 5G Gives Faster Internet Connection
  • The 5G in Australia Can Replace Your NBN
  • 5G Can Change Your Life In Many Ways

5G is currently making a buzz all over the world because it promises a lot of improvements. 

The first 5G service became available in Australia over a year ago. But now, more companies are offering 5G service. Many people are upgrading to 5G because it benefits them in various ways. If you're planning to upgrade to 5G, this article will help you decide. 

Today, we will talk about the reasons why you need to upgrade to 5G. Is 5G worth the money? Well, let's find that out! 

5G Gives Faster Internet Connection 

5G can improve your Internet connection immensely. It will be way faster than 4G. Based on studies, 5G won't just double the speed of 4G. The results show that it is going to be between 900% to 2000% faster. 

The speed that 5G poses can theoretically allow you to download a 1 GB file within 10 seconds. That apparent Internet speed is also reliable for streaming. It will let you stream movies in high quality consistently without buffering. 

However, 5G won't make much of a difference in everyday tasks you do. The 4G connection can exceptionally handle things such as browsing social media platforms, streaming music, and watching Netflix or YouTube. You can only notice the benefits of 5G once new applications or services are available on your smartphone or computer. Think about this, back in 2010, 4G surprises almost everyone. People never thought that it's possible to stream the songs they like using their phones. Also, the 4G connection makes video calling a possibility. 

The possibilities with 5G are also vast. You'll never know what you'll get. So start investing in 5G services. Once the 5G enabled devices are out on the market, new services will emerge quickly, and the 5G connection would become another part of your everyday life. 

The 5G in Australia Can Replace Your NBN

The 5G connection will be really fast. In fact, Telstra is currently testing 5G on the Gold Coast, and reports say that it was reaching speeds of about 3,000 Mbps. To see the big picture, here's a comparison:  The fastest Internet connection that NBN can offer could only reach 100 Mbps. So that indicates the 5G connection will be 30 times faster than NBN. 

The big difference between the Internet speeds is a piece of good news for Australians who are dissatisfied with their NBN connection. 

Dissatisfied NBN users are using home mobile broadband as an alternative. Once the services for 5G connections become fully available, there could be many Aussies switching to 5G. Reports say that Telstra and Optus will be offering 5G services, and it likely includes home mobile broadband. 

5G connection will indeed become the best option when it comes to speed. But if you need lots of Internet data, you might want to reconsider some things. As of now, you can find plans with 200 GB data -- this is not that bad, especially if you're the only one who's using the Internet. 

5G Can Change Your Life In Many Ways 

Many professionals believe that the 5G mobile connection will transform the IoT or Internet of Things. IoT describes all the physical objects that connect to the Internet like interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals, or people. 

The reason why the 5G connection can change IoT is because of its low latency. In other words, there's a little time needed for the 5G connection to transfer data from its original source to its destination. The latency of a 4G connection is often around 60 milliseconds. On the other hand, the 5G connection would have a latency of 1 millisecond. 

The low latency of the 5G connection will give accuracy to mobile networks. So expect that technologies such as self-driving cars and telesurgery will improve once firms start using 5G. 

Apart from that, the home appliances can further work together through the use of the cloud and 5G connection. This innovation can further make 'smart homes' a reality. Imagine, the AI in your house will send you updates about various things like expiration dates of food or the upcoming utility bills. 

Furthermore, 5G can start the utilisation of virtual spaces. The high-bandwidth and low latency of 5G can help in making augmented and virtual reality to become a practical reality. The capabilities of the 5G connection will allow colleagues in separate cities to work together through VR. Also, this allows sports fans to experience the roar of the crowd from the comfort of their couches. 

All of these things will not happen overnight since most major providers are only offering limited versions of 5G, and the devices that support this network are just starting to appear in the market. It may take several years before people could see and use the full capabilities of the 5G network. 

Are There Risks in Using 5G? 

Some conspiracy theorists suggest that 5G can affect a person's health. Well, the 5G connection indeed emits radiation, but it's not dangerous. It's only similar to the ones in the electromagnetic spectrum like microwaves, x-rays, radio waves, light from your monitor, or light from the sun. 

So far, the things we know about 5G networks will only help in improving technologies. There are no alarming issues that can cause potential harm to the masses. You can check this article about the dangers of 5G to know more about this topic. 

Final Words 

If you want a faster Internet connection, you definitely have to consider upgrading to 5G. This network will be a lot faster than anything you've been experiencing right now. It can even change your life in the future.

However, the 5G network is still under development. Most Internet providers will only offer a limited 5G connection. But despite that, it can still give you several benefits that will improve your Internet usage. So start weighing your options now and decide whether 5G is the best choice for you.