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Established in 2010, amaysim has grown into one of Australia's leading mobile virtual network operators. Amaysim offers data-only plans for customers seeking mobile broadband for their on-the-go data needs.

When considering amaysim's plans, the value increases as you spend more. It offers a wide range of data allowances that should meet the needs of most users. As amaysim is one of only three mobile providers to offer unlimited data banking, users can save their data for their next month.

SIM-cards are provided with free delivery and the app is highly-rated, allowing for easy recharge and SIM plan management no matter where you are.

As an MVNO on the Optus network, amaysim typically offers better value and customer service than Optus itself. It uses simple language and provides clear explanations, with the customer service team, both via phone and email, responsive and helpful.

Let’s explore what amaysim offers:

Budget-friendly data plans

Budget is often the first thing that users consider, and it’s likely you’re included in that. For light users, the $15 7GB plan is likely sufficient, but it only includes 4G. 

There are often deals with amaysim, such as the 50% offer running for 50GB for $40 or 90GB for $60. This comes with unlimited data banking, includes 5G and renews every 28 days.

SIM compatibility

Data-only SIM plans are designed for tablet and iPad use and not for mobile phones. These are also compatible with USB dongles should you need to plug into your mobile broadband on the go.

Good coverage

When you're a subscriber of amaysim, you can expect reliable reception in most areas using Australia's second-largest network.

With Optus 4G coverage reaching 98.5% of the population, customers in metropolitan areas should experience few issues. Additionally, some of amaysim's plans provide access to the Optus 5G network.

You'll enjoy the same coverage with amaysim as you would with a plan directly purchased from Optus. However, there might be gaps in coverage between amaysim and Telstra's network in certain rural or regional areas.

Useful perks

amaysim comes with several useful bonus features, including data banking and international inclusions. 

All amaysim prepaid plans offer unlimited data banking, allowing you to save any unused data for future use. This feature sets amaysim apart as one of only three providers offering unlimited data banking, maximising the value of your monthly data. There's no expiry on how long you can keep your data. 

For those with friends or family overseas, amaysim's international call and text inclusions can be beneficial. Depending on the plan you choose, you'll get unlimited talk and text to either 28 countries or 42 countries. This perk is available in 7 out of 10 of amaysim's plans.

No contracts

Amaysim offers the same plan with the same value, whether it’s postpaid or prepaid. 

There’s no catch to going postpaid – the only real distinction is that you top-up with a credit card instead of with a voucher or BPay, and your top-ups are monthly direct debits.

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