• What is UltraFast NBN?
  • NBN Upgrade Receives Clamour and Criticism
  • Who Will Benefit?

With the anticipated $3.5 billion upgrade on NBN’s network connectivity, the Aussies will soon have access to a faster or what they termed as “ultrafast” NBN connection. Experts say that a download and upload speed of 1GB would be the key change in the nation’s connectivity once the plan has been rolled out. This would be a historical leap for Australia's internet connectivity if ever. 


The Communications Minister Micheal Fletcher said in a recent interview that it is the right time for the network (NBN) to upgrade. He has noted the significant trend of people’s demand for broadband which strengthened the drive to level up the system. He also quoted the adverse yet fog-clearing revelation of the pandemic with regards of the internet connectivity that Aussie homes have. 

The outbreak of coronavirus has changed the way we consume the internet which subsequently spiked up the demand for connectivity. Health protocols gave birth to the new normal way of living. People’s physical interactions were minimised while promoting more connection with society through the net. The vast number of internet users simultaneously using the internet the quarantine has caused a significant downgrade to the connectivity of the users making connection slower and congested. This revelation only justified the need for the network to be updated to adapt to the changing network consumption of people. 

It is said that the upgrade will keep the pace of NBN service up with the growing hunger of Australians for fast internet by offering a promising 1000 megabytes per second download and upload speed. The future-proofing of the NBN system could also go as far as improving the fibre connections of households by shifting Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN) connections to the more stable one which is the Fibre-to-the-Premise connection. In the year 2023, eight million homes across Australia are expected to be able to have access to up to 1 gigabit per second with a quarter of the number connected fibre-to-the-premise connection.

NBN Upgrade Receives Clamour and Criticism

This move of NBN Co has received clamour and criticism at the same time. Tech experts say that upgrading the NBN system is a great move for the NBN since the anticipation of people for the promising new generation of mobile network, the 5G, is piling up which poses a great threat to Australia's national network provider.

Nonetheless, criticisms were also thrown as tech experts remember how this plan has been long due as it was scrapped out way after the leadership changed. It was in 2009 when the plan to upgrade the system was set only to be halted when the government’s leadership changed. In order to save some of the tax-payer’s money, the government in 2013 set aside the shifting of connections to FTTP and favoured the use of Multi-Technology Mix network and FTTN. However, the copper-connection as foreseen by experts is not fit with the future network demand and advancement. 

It is expected that millions of households in designated areas will soon be able to enjoy an ultrafast network of up to 1GB per second download and upload speed which includes those who have already availed FTTN and FTTC. If ever, this upgrade will be the answer to the long call of Aussies for a worthy connection especially those who have been struggling to access a reliable internet connection

Who Will Benefit?

The NBN system upgrade which would connect more businesses to a fibre internet service connection is expected to create thousands of new jobs across the country in the next few years. This is due to the fact that the prosperity of business, most especially those built in the digital world, primarily rely on a fast and reliable internet connectivity for a smooth transaction. 

Just like its prospective competitor, the 5G, the upgrade will open numerous opportunities. The fast expanding Internet of Things will also greatly benefit in this plan once the roll out is completed. In light of this, we could soon expect to see self-driving cars and a revolutionary development in the world of Artificial Intelligence. 

Many Australian will surely benefit from this upgrade once it is finished. This is due to the fact that businesses, work, and schooling are starting to be done remotely, usually at homes, to adapt with the changing environment and needs. Regardless if it is long due, what is important is that the government’s step has been redirected to where it should be. As promising it may seem, we still need to wait until it is completed to see if the new system is really “future proof” as what they claim it to be. 

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