• Service Commitments and Performance Factors
  • Customer Service
  • Services and Products

With several telco service providers to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming for consumers to choose the one that will be able to provide them with the service that they deserve. Thus, it is often the case that the basis of comparison of several consumers is only the price of the plan offered by the providers. Without considering other factors, more often than not, consumers are left dissatisfied with the service of their providers.


The dissatisfaction of consumers is the basis of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to propose new industry rules prompting various telecom companies to publish their customer service commitments as well as performance details based on the data that they gather. If telcos publish this information, then consumers will have a more sensible basis for comparing different providers and eventually going for the best one that will be able to meet their needs. Since internet connectivity is encompassed in this industry-standard, this will also make it easier for consumers to choose the best NBN plans from the most reliable providers later on.

Service Commitments and Performance Factors

As a consumer, aside from the price, make sure to consider the factors listed below when choosing an internet or mobile service provider.

  • Customer Service

One of the primary factors that consumers need to consider in choosing a telco provider for either their internet or mobile service needs is the customer service of the provider. This is one of the reasons why ACMA is pushing the telco companies to publish their customer service commitments or their guidelines on how they ensure that the requests and complaints of their customers are met. With this information published and available, consumers will have a good idea of whether the telco provider will be able to give prompt attention to their concerns.

Nevertheless, even if this industry standard is not yet implemented, consumers should exert the extra effort to research the customer service review and feedback of a telco provider. For example, if you are looking for a reliable NBN provider, check whether the company is frequently rated with five stars for delivering excellent customer support. If so, then you will have no doubt of getting the services of that provider. Conversely, telco providers that often garner poor ratings and feedback when it comes to customer service are less likely to attract new subscribers.

  • Services and Products

Another factor that consumers need to consider in choosing a telco provider is the line-up of their services and products, as well as how each of these will address the needs of the public. This is another reason why ACMA came up with new rules entailing the need for telco companies to publish their performance details. 

For instance, telco providers should publish their products and services which are highly rated by their current subscribers and this is considered as a norm. However, in the same manner, they should also publish their products and services which are not faring well, along with a framework on how they plan to improve on these products and services. With this information, customers will be able to assess if the products and services that they need are offered by the telco provider they are considering.

  • Network Security and Reliability

Consumers should also consider the network security measures of a telco company, as well as their reliability when it comes to providing consistent and excellent internet or mobile service. Keep in mind that consumers need to provide their personal details and sensitive information to acquire the services of a telco provider. This makes them vulnerable to fraudulent attacks should their details fall in the hands of those with malicious intentions. For this reason, telco providers should see to it that they are implementing strict measures when it comes to security to ensure that the details of their subscribers are protected.

Alongside this, telco providers should also ensure that they are providing a consistent and reliable service to their subscribers. This means that they should maintain their infrastructure to mitigate any downtimes or upgrade them to be on par with technological innovations. ACMA proposes that all these details should be made available to the public to ensure that they have a sensible basis when choosing a telco provider for their internet connectivity and mobile needs.

The Bottomline

Make sure that aside from the price of the service, you also consider several other factors such as those listed above. When you do, you are more likely to end up with a service provider that will be able to meet your demands. Rest assured that ACMA is already proposing new industry rules that will make your research more effortless and seamless because of readily available and accessible information.

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