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Aussie Broadband is expanding its presence in Western Australia (WA). For this reason, the company is planning to open a new call centre and business office in Perth, Australia's fourth-most populous city.

New Company Location

Aussie Broadband’s base in Perth is set to open in July this year. The new location is set to host up to 160 new staff to be employed by the company. The staff will be composed of customer support representatives, management, human resources, as well as warehouse positions.

According to Aussie Broadband’s managing director Phil Britt, the new office will help the company better support its operations in the state. The operations of the company are currently being augmented and fostered with the deployment of its own dark fibre infrastructure.

“So far, around 8kms of 360 core network fibre cable has been installed by our delivery partners Dean Constructions and Lightsource Services, which will link Perth CBD at NextDC P2 to NextDC P1 in Malaga,” Britt said.

Britt further added that the fibre network can support speeds of up to 10Gbps for business customers, and of over 100Gbps for specialist applications.

“We’re very excited to be opening an office in Perth, where we’ve always had strong support from customers. For Aussie, this is a great culture fit because Perth people are laid back, friendly, and enjoy a good belly laugh.”

Expect Better Customer Service

To date, Aussie Broadband has around 44,000 residential customers and 2,700 business customers in WA.

With the number of subscribers that the telco is servicing in WA, according to Britt, opening a call centre in Perth will greatly help the company better serve its customers regardless of the range of time zones across the country.

Currently, the headquarters of Aussie Broadband is situated in Morwell, Victoria. The company also has call centres based in Morwell and Lynbrook, which is also in Victoria. The call centre that is set to open in Perth will be Aussie Broadband’s third one in the country, with the two others located in Melbourne.

“It’s hard to believe that just over 18 months ago we opened an office in Lynbrook, in the outer South East of Melbourne. Since then, we’ve more than doubled our team – we now employ over 540 staff,” Britt further added. “Finally, the Perth location will include a warehouse able to dispatch equipment to

WA customers locally.” Britt also said.

Because of this planned expansion, the future seems bright for Aussie Broadband and its NBN subscribers.