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  • Speeds more than doubled

Average peak connection speeds in Australia have doubled over the last three years as more households switch to high-speed broadband, according to the latest figures from Akamai.

US-based internet platform Akamai handles the internet traffic for some of the world's largest organisations, with one trillion web requests daily, and is therefore well-placed to analyse trends in connection speeds across the world.

The good news for Australians is that average connection speeds are improving. Australian average connection speeds climbed to an average of 3.4 Mbps in the last quarter, almost beating New Zealand's average at 3.5 Mbps.

Australia's fastest city was Riverwood in New South Wales, with an average connection speed of 5.9 Mbps, although it didn't quite make the top 100 list. Cities in Asia, including in Japan and South Korea once again dominated this list.

However, Australia has jumped into a more undesirable table and is now in the top five countries for attack traffic from mobile networks, at number four.

The increase could be due to users with infected computers accessing the internet through tethering their mobile device, such as an iPhone, Akamai suggested.

Hong Kong has the highest average peak connection speed, with 40 Mbps. South Korea and Romania also had average peak connection speeds above 30 Mbps.

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Akamai's top ten average connection speeds by country

Country                    Av. Mbps   

1 South Korea           14.4
2 Hong Kong              9.2
3 Japan                      8.1
4 Netherlands            7.5
5 Romania                 6.6
6 Czech Republic       6.5
7 Latvia                      6.3
8 Switzerland              6.2
9 Belgium                   6.1
10 Ireland                  5.6