• The Demand for Fibre Internet Upgrade
  • NBN Co's Technology Choice program
  • Free Fibre Upgrades

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Australian telecommunication is currently a complex landscape. 

A lot of Australians are getting free or subsidised full-fibre internet upgrades in the following years. However, there are still people who want to get the fibre upgrade immediately, even if it will cost them money. NBN Co is receiving 8,000 upgrade quotes every week. That means almost one Australian is asking the company for a fibre internet upgrade every 1.26 minutes.  

As of this writing, only 1.5 million Australians have a full-fibre internet connection. Meanwhile, over 6.5 million NBN subscribers have internet access through part-fibre links, repurposed old cables, wireless, or satellite. 

Many Australians are satisfied with their internet connection. Even without full fibre, there are NBN plans that allow them to do most things, such as stream a movie, download files, or play online games. 

However, the fibre upgrade is still necessary, especially to those places that are from NBN infrastructure. Also, people who are running a home business definitely need fibre connection. Unlike the other NBN connection technologies, fibre is more reliable. It works in a blackout and isn't usually affected by poor weather, degraded copper in the ground, or other common circumstances. 

NBN Co's Technology Choice program

NBN Co's Technology Choice program lets people register their account on the website and receive a quote for upgrading their internet connection to full fibre.

Getting a quote from Technology Choice costs several hundred dollars. That's one of the reasons why only a few NBN subscribers have decided to use it. 

Because of the low queries, NBN Co decided to improve the system late last year. They also removed the fee for using the system. Since then, they have received over 35,000 queries in less than two months.

NBN Co upgraded the tool again this year, and in the first week of February, over 8000 people ordered a quote. 

The NBN's Technology Choice program will provide an instant quote. The cost extends from several thousand dollars to over $10,000. The provided quote is based on how long the new cables must run and the difficulty of the installation. 

Though the program is receiving lots of queries, only a few people are deciding to go on and complete the build. NBN Co has conducted about 1,250 upgrades in the past five years, and over 400 applications are currently in progress. 

Free Fibre Upgrades 

NBN Co announced last October that they are doing fibre upgrades in selected towns and cities. Yet, many people aren't happy with this because they feel like it's unfair. 

According to a resident in Brisbane, "It is inequitable and discriminatory for the Government to facilitate connections for some while expecting others, on the same road and whom pay the same taxes, to personally pay exorbitant costs for the same services."

There are no statements given regarding this matter-- NBN Co might address this issue sometime in March. For now, the company just assures everyone that they are doing the best they can to provide the best service for their subscribers.