• Telstra cops customer anger
  • Valuable lesson moving forward in rollout of NBN
  • Telstra to share old network ducts with NBN

Regional newspaper The Chronicle has reported today that work being carried out by contractors for the National Broadband Network (NBN) has resulted in the loss of communication services to 300 residents in the Queensland town of Toowoomba.

The contractors had been carrying out a standard procedure, flushing ducts  with high-pressure water hoses to make way for a fibre-optic installation, when the existing cable received significant damage. ADSL broadband connections, phone lines and EFTPOS services were immediately affected.

Telstra copped the full brunt of customer anger, failing to provide an accurate time frame for service to return. Some residents have now been told it could be a week before services return to normal.

Telstra signed an agreement in October 2011 to share access to pits, ducts and other essential infrastructure components with NBNco, in exchange for $9 billion. The events in Toowoomba should help both Telstra and NBNco learn what types of issues will be coming up with the rollout of the NBN, and what steps can be taken to deal with them.