• A group of crazy scientists are putting internet on the moon
  • We'll be able to live stream in HD from the surface of the moon
  • Aliens will finally have access to Netflix

4G on the moon - Compare Broadband


It was once an amazing feat when man first stepped on the moon but now we’re like, “Yeah sweet, but how can I catch up on the latest episode of ‘Real Housewives’ when I’m chilling on the Moon?”


Well the German based scientists and engineers, PTScientists, in conjunction with major telecommunication companies such as Vodafone, Nokia and car company Audi (designing the Quattro lunar rovers), are making that dream come true.


Obviously the need for a 4G network on the Moon isn’t for entertainment purposes (yet) but will importantly enable astronauts to stay connected to Earth through the rovers blasting out high-definition video streaming of the surface of the Moon and provide valuable data between the Moon and Earth.


That’s “one giant leap for mankind” right there.


The ultra light and small device (weighing less than 1kg) responsible for providing the new lunar network, aptly named the Ultra Compact Network, is a big step towards the ongoing Mission to the Moon project. A project that aims to land the first ever privately paid for mission to the Moon.


If you’re looking forward to the idea of Facetiming on the Moon then you won’t need to wait long as the 4G mission is due for liftoff as soon as next year.


The 4G network isn’t the fastest around but at this point scientists are unable to be sure that the 5G network will be stable enough so let’s just hope if they get there and try to call us they don’t go through a lunar tunnel.


So what does this big publicity stunt really have to do with the evolution of humanity? Well, we are opening up our airwaves to a galaxy that suddenly doesn’t seem so far far away...


In order for humanity to leave the cradle of Earth, we need to develop infrastructures beyond our home planet,” Robert Bohme (CEO and founder of PTScientists)


E.T if you’re out there, feel free to phone home!