• How fast is Starlink?
  • How much will Starlink internet cost in Australia?
  • Starlink vs NBN Sky Muster Plans

SpaceX satellite

Aussies can now pre-order SpaceX's Starlink

SpaceX recently starts offering pre-orders of its Starlink to more countries where its service is not yet available. They are now accepting pre-orders from Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and parts of the US and Canada. 

How much is the pre-order? And when will Starlink internet service start its test operation here in Australia?

Let's find out! 


How fast is Starlink?

Better Than Nothing, the name of Starlink's test operation, started last October in places like southern Canada, the UK, and some parts of the northern US. However, this test run is only available to people who signed up for Starlink email updates. Some of them received an invitation to try the beta operation. 

Starlink dubbed the test run "Better Than Nothing" to reduce the expectation of its users. They said that the test subscribers would only get a speed of 50-150Mbps and latency from 20ms to 40ms. Also, there will be brief periods of no connectivity at all. 

However, a lot of things might change in the next few months. SpaceX is continuing to launch more satellites into orbit. 

Having more satellites will improve the speed, latency, and uptime of their internet service. 


But even if SpaceX is preparing to accept more subscribers, reports said that its services aren't open for all. As far as we know, they are just targeting selected places in Australia. 

The pre-order would be available only for a limited number of users per coverage area, and the process might take six months or more to fulfil. 

In addition to that, SpaceX noted that making the deposit does not guarantee that the Starlink kit and services will be available. 

How much will Starlink internet cost in Australia? 

If you're looking for a budget-friendly but reliable internet connection, Starlink is not for you. 

You can see the cost of using Starlink internet by filling out the pre-order page. But to give you an idea about its price, the Starlink hardware will cost a total of $709. You will also have to pay a $139 monthly fee.

In addition to that, the shipping and handling of the Starlink equipment will cost $100 for Australians. 

Why is Starlink expensive?

It's more likely that SpaceX will be using their usual business strategy. They will start the operations with a high cost to cover initial expenses and not overwhelm themselves with demand. There's a possibility that the price will go down eventually to target lower-income customers as well. 

When can you get a Starlink service?

Starlink might become available in mid or late-2021 for inner Melbourne, and it will compete with NBN's Sky Muster service. 

Starlink vs NBN Sky Muster Plans

Sky Muster is far more affordable than Starlink. Using its service will only cost $34.95 per month. However, it's not surpassing the perks of using the beta version of Starlink.  

Currently, Sky Muster has a data cap of 15GB at peak and 70GB off-peak. Also, it has an internet speed of 12/1mbps. That speed will go down to 8Mbps during peak hours. 

There are no data caps on Starlink plans and they are said to be faster than 4G-based fixed wireless technologies. However, Starlink operates on a first-come, first-served basis and not everyone can afford it. Sky Muster is cheaper and you don’t have to worry about any additional hardware fee.

Therefore, if you need to switch to a more reliable internet connection as soon as possible, your best bet is still Australia’s available NBN plans in the market.

You can just wish upon the satellites circling around the globe for the meantime. 

Will you be able to see the Starlink space satellites from Australia?

Yes. You just need the right telescope and a healthy pair of eyes. You can track them through this Find Starlink page. Wish and who knows, your Starlink dreams might come true this year.