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Fetch TV is a set top box created for the television. It features a system that allows subscribers to record free to air TV programs and access to internet and TV channels provided by your preferred internet provider. It features 30 movies a month, available for free rental with a vast collection to choose from. Users can access Netflix as well as Catch-up TV with Fetch TV. Mobile devices can also be connected to the Fetch TV app that allows subscribers to stream recordings from the Fetch TV box while on the go.

With most households enjoying an increase in the number of mobile devices and latest gadgets that require the services of the internet, it is expected to see an increase in bandwidth requirements as well as internet speed. NBN is one of Australia’s top internet service providers. To be able to keep up with your browsing and streaming requirements, it might be a wise idea to make the switch and go for an NBN plan for Fetch TV.

Internet Speed Requirements for Fetch TV

A Fetch TV from an authorized Fetch retailer and subscriber requires a minimum broadband speed of 3Mbps to access and enjoy Fetch TV. To enjoy it to its maximum potential, you will need to have an ADSL or Fibre connection. A 3G/4G wireless broadband or a personal hotspot is not ideal for Fetch TV, especially for periodic updates. There is no guarantee that you can enjoy the Fetch TV box while using a mobile network connection.

For subscribers with ISPs with Fetch TV's current partners, there’s no metering on any TV content, Video On Demand, and Pay Per View movies delivered over a broadband connection. Catch-up TV is metered, but some need to be confirmed with your current ISP provider. 

For SD viewing, you will use around 1GB of data per box and the usual data consumption you have. For higher resolutions, it will require higher data. Speed is a different issue and will depend on the available broadband and network load that you have. On a minimum, it requires 512 kilobits per second. You can use it simultaneously with your other internet browsing or streaming activities, but may or may not compromise your internet browsing activities, depending on your ISP provider and your data cap.

Fetch TV Bundles via NBN

Fetch TV can be bundled alongside your broadband plan service. Fetch TV is available via NBN plans together with some of the top internet service providers in Australia.

  • Optus Fetch TV Bundles

Optus features an entertainment broadband bundle you can add together with Fetch TV is Optus Sport. On top of the Optus Sport, you can add a Fetch Minor for $5 a month via the Internet Everyday Plan or the Fetch Mighty box with one Premium Channel Pack and the Internet Entertainer plan. All plans are contract-free, and Optus takes care of the actual setup of the Fetch TV box. If you are to cancel your service, you will need to return the Fetch TV box or pay up to $250.

Optus Plans with Fetch TV starts at $75 a month with a minimum cost of $174. Enjoy up to 44Mbps via the $75 Optus Internet Everyday-NBN plan with unlimited data with no contract term. A higher plan, $90 Optus Internet Entertainer - NMN also offers up to 44Mbps speed with no contract term.

  • iiNet Fetch TV Bundles

Unlimited plans are also available via iiNet, another internet provider under NBN Australia. No lock-in contracts are available but will require a 24-month equivalent fee if you exit the plan early.

Unlimited data internet with no contract terms starts at $70 a month. NBN25 Limitless offers a speed up to 21.3Mbps. Plans with Set-top box, built-in applications, and 30 movies a month are optional offers that start at a minimum of $179.94. NBN Limitless promises up to 46.7Mbps speed with no contract terms starting at $74.99 a month. Exclusive bundle promos with a device, Netflix, and movie inclusion require an additional fee of $519.89.

  • Other Fetch TV Bundles

Aussie Broadband, Internode, Westnet, Dodo, and iPrimus also allows Fetch TV bundles with a set-top box and one premium channel pack on top of other broadband plans in the Australian market. Dodo requires an additional fee of $35-$50 a month for a year bundle. Internode and Westnet charge an additional $5 per month together with the package.

Dodo NBN25 Unlimited Plan starts at $65 a month, with a minimum cost of $209.90. Internode, on the other hand, offers NBN25 Unlimited with a monthly fee of $69.99 up to $184.94. Both plans offer unlimited data with up to 23Mbps with no contract terms.

iPrimus offers Unlimited Plan NBN25 and Unlimited Plan NBN50 with up to 41Mbps speed with no contract terms. Monthly fees start at $70 a month up to $189 a month. NBN50 Unlimited plan starts at $79.99 with no contract terms with speeds up to 42.8Mbps. NBN100 Unlimited under Internode begins at $99.99 to $214.94 with no contract terms with rates up to 78Mbps. IPrimus offers Unlimited PLan NBN100 with a minimum monthly cost of $85 a month. It also provides no contract terms with speeds up to 82Mbps.

Fetch TV Channels

Fetch TV includes 30 free movies per month that rotate every beginning of the month. Premium pack channels require you to subscribe to a Premium Channel Pack. Subscribing to Fetch TV via one of the internet service providers under NBN, as mentioned above, gives you instant access to premium channels, including Netflix and Catch-up TV. An additional premium pack costs anywhere between $6 and $20 per month on top of the monthly plan costs. The Knowledge Pack offers the most number of premium channels when bundled with your Fetch TV subscription.

Below are some of the channels included with your Fetch TV under the Knowledge premium channel pack.

  • BBC World News
  • Food Network
  • Travel Channel HGTV
  • Nat Geo People
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • National Geographic
  • Bloomberg
  • CNN
  • CNBC
  • France 24
  • Aljazeera
  • Channel NewsAsia
  • NDTV 24x7
  • CGTN
  • EuroNews

A premium pack for kids is also available which includes the following channels:

  • Baby TV
  • Cartoon Network
  • Cbeebies
  • Disney XD
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nick Junior
  • ZooMoo

A Fetch TV internet bundle is worth the investment if you prefer enjoying premium streaming channels. Enjoy unlimited data access and a Fetch TV bundle that only requires an extra of $5-$20 a month with a fast-internet service via NBN Australia.

Without a subscription, a Fetch TV Mighty box costs $499 while the Mini version retails at $169 with extra channel packs. If you prefer to bundle it with your current broadband provider, or a new one, you are usually locked in a 24-month contract. Retail boxes are also harder to link up. A monthly plan even outweighs the negatives of the savings you'll get with an upfront purchase.

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