Being limited to an ADSL1 broadband connection doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck on a speed reminiscent to the one on your old dial-up connection.

ADSL1 customers generally have a choice between a download speed of 256kbps, 512kbps, 1500kbps and 8000kbps. For more information on what these figures mean, refer to this article. Generally, we recommend a speed of at least 1500kbps to use a VoIP phone service or to stream videos.

At most of our customers tend to opt for plans with a theoretical maximum download speed of up to 1500kbps. However, if you love to do more heavy downloading and gaming, you may be happy to pay a little more for something much faster.  

The cheapest 8000kbps ADSL1 plan (unbundled) is:

Dodo: $44.90 per month, 500MB + 500MB

This plan is available either on a no fixed term, 12-month or 24-month contract. Peak hours are from 1pm-1am, and off peak from 1am-1pm.

Pros: cheap monthly access fee for a fast maximum download of 8000kbps, shorter contracts available, customers can use their off peak data till the early afternoon, if you sign up for 24 months you will receive free setup.

Cons: While you’ll be on a fast speed you won’t be able to download very much, excess charges if you exceed your cap, negative feedback on Dodo customer service.

Call Dodo on 1300 136 793 for more information or to sign up to this plan.

If you are looking for loads more data for a similar price:

Exetel: $45 per month, 10GB + 20GB

This unbundled plan is available on a six-month contract only, with a $120 setup fee (or $40 if you churn from another provider). Peak hours are from 10am-4am, and off peak hours are from 4am-10am.

Pros: Cheap price for a fast speed and a medium-sized download quota, short contract period, excess charges are only $1 per gigabyte, cheap $100 cancellation fee if you choose to cancel.

Cons: $120 setup fee if not churning, off peak hours will probably only be used if you time downloads.

Call us on 1300 106 571 for more information on Exetel or to sign up to this plan.

Cheapest 8000kbps ADSL1 plans bundled with a home phone

iiNet: ADSL1 Home-4: (50GB + 50GB) $69.95 + phone line rental
iiNet: ADSL1 Home-5: (200GB + 200GB) $89.95 + phone line rental
iiNet: ADSL1 Home-6: (500GB + 500GB) $119.95 + phone line rental

These plans are available either on a no fixed term contract or a 24-month contract. There are no excess fees if you exceed you cap; the speed is shaped at 256kbps. There is a choice between $29.95 per month phone line rental (20 cent local calls) and $31.95 per month (17 cent local calls). Both uploads and downloads are counted toward the monthly quota.

Pros: large download quota, cheap call rates, iiNet has a good reputation as an ISP, low setup fee of $79.95 (excl. modem), plan can be connected from an inactive line (suitable for those who have just moved in to a new home).

Cons:  off peak hours are from 1am-9am, $30 phone line rental added to the cost each month, no calls included in the phone plan.

Call iiNet on 1300 106 571 for more information or to sign up to this plan.

All prices and plans accurate as of September 30 2010. Plans change all the time, so check for the latest deals.