• Many Australians are looking for short-term broadband contracts.
  • Many providers offer either no fixed-term or six-month commitment periods, which provides customers this additional flexibility.
  • We have compiled some of the best ADSL2+ plans below.

As rental properties continue to gain popularity in Australia’s housing market, it is not surprising that more and more Australians are in search of short-term broadband contracts. Fortunately, there is an array of new options and deals that are constantly being released by competing Internet Service Providers (ISPs). For this reason, you may not want to be stuck with seeing your 24-month contract through before you sign up for a better deal that will suit your specific needs and preferences.

Different providers offer either no-contract terms or six-month commitment periods. These provide customers or subscribers with additional flexibility. However, these plans usually require a higher setup fee than if you were to opt for a longer contract period. Depending on your needs, it may be a better option to just pay the extra sum upfront in return for more choices and flexibility in the future. 

At the end of the day, the cost of a higher setup fee will almost certainly be cheaper than having to pay a cancellation fee or even a relocation fee if you are moving to a new home or have to leave immediately. 

We have compiled some of the best ADSL2+ plans below. Nevertheless, it is still up to you to check which ones are available in your area.

Telstra – 1-month contract

  • Telstra ADSL Unlimited - $80 per month
  • Telstra ADSL Unlimited + Telstra TV - $89 per month
  • Telstra ADSL Unlimited + Xbox All Access - $107 per month

All the Telstra ADSL Unlimited plans listed above offer a one-month contract period. During this time, you already get to enjoy unlimited data, as well as unlimited standard local, national and Australian mobile calls. The $99 connection fee is also waived with these plans. As for the Telstra ADSL Unlimited + Xbox All Access, you will get to have Xbox All Access - One S for only $27 per month over 24 months.

Mate – 1-month contract

  • MATE ADSL2+ city mates standalone - $49 per month
  • MATE ADSL2+ country mates standalone - $59 per month
  • MATE ADSL2+ city mates bundle - $69 per month

All the Mate ADSL2+ plans cited above also provide a one-month commitment period offering wherein you already get to enjoy unlimited data. With all of these plans, you are guaranteed Australian technical support. However, for the first two plans, you need to have an active phone line on the Telstra network. On the other hand, with the city mates bundle, you will get to enjoy unlimited standard local and national calls.

Want a faster and more stable connection? 

You might want to consider subscribing to an NBN service instead. Check out this article on how NBN and ADSL2+ differ from one another and then compare the best NBN plans available in your area.

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