• What is Binge?
  • What subscriptions does Binge offer?
  • With what devices does Binge work?

Television and media industry service providers truly won’t run out of gimmicks for their customers. We first had the cabled analog free to air television service which allowed us to watch live telecast, reruns and reality TV of program providers. Then came Pay TV services which served as the catalyst of change for the television landscape. Now, a new way of enjoying and watching movies and TV programs has been born to satisfy our content cravings -- video streaming!

Video streaming is a new way of transmitting data through the internet. The data of the file which is located in a cloud storage or a remote location storage is sent to the subscribers’ devices  bit by bit. With this process, the streamer won’t even need to download the whole video file to watch it. This is made possible with the development of fast and reliable internet service. Game thrones, La Casa de Papel, and Breaking Bad are just some of the popular entertainment products that are made available in live streaming services.

In Australia, we are surrounded by various video streaming giants that could offer enormous numbers of entertainment library packages for subscribers. Nonetheless, Binge has been ringing the bell for being one of the leading trailblazers in the streaming industry. If you are eyeing Binge to be your video streaming service provider, here is what Compare Broadband has to say about it!

What is Binge Video Streaming Service?

Binge is one of the leading video streaming service providers that stands a good fight against the heavyweight streaming services providers Netflix and Stan. This Australian owned company offers a vast library of entertainment packages at an affordable price. Being Foxtel’s offspring and Kayo’s sibling, Binge provides subscribers access to  a large entertainment library which entails movies, TV series, reality shows, and documentaries. 

“Unturnoffable” is the marketing tagline of Binge. It tells us that once you have started watching in Binge, you can never turn off your device because of the enormous volume of quality entertainment packages.

Although Binge is an offspring of Foxtel and a sibling of Kayo, this streaming service is focused on entertainment packages like the streaming giants Netflix, Disney+, Stan, and Amazon Prime Video. Being a child of Foxtel which is a trailblazer in the Pay TV industry, Binge has access to the large library of its father company.This video streaming provider is home for the popular shows like The Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, and American Horror Story which are all complete series good for binge-watching!

If you are a fan of surprises, then Binge could be the video streaming service for you! The Surprise Me! feature in Binge is a new gimmick for its clients. If you use this feature, Binge will randomly select movies for you to watch. Don’t worry though if you don’t like the movie it picked for you because a “try again” button is available.

What Subscriptions does Binge Offer?

The curated packages of entertainment services offered by Binge are set into three different subscription tier: the Basic Plan, the Standard Plan, and the Premium Plan. Each tier caters different needs and features different bundles for a variety of people, whilst it is only a must that you check it.

The base subscription starts at 10$ per month which lets you stream videos in one screen with standard definition (SD) of viewing. The Standard Plan allows you to watch your favorite series while your loved ones  watch theirs. Yes! This plan lets you simultaneously stream videos in 2 screens while enjoying High Definition (HD) resolution.  The cream of the plans is the premium. With the feature that allows you to watch in 4 screens simultaneously with HD resolution, Binge-watching will surely be “unturnoffable” as what their tagline says. All of the subscription plans have a 14 days free trial period.

With what Devices does Binge work?

Worry not because Binge works with a lot of devices and web browsers! You can watch it on your television or with your internet capable devices; however, it is somehow off the race when compared to the features of its video-streaming service providers.

The compatibility of Binge in PC and Mac allows subscribers to access the service in different web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Mobile apps of Binge are also available in Play Store and App Store which are supported by iOS 12+ and Android OS 7+.

Watching it on a larger screen could be more fun. Telstra TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and other smart TVs support Binge streaming services. Some television has built in operating systems which enable watching in Binge. However, some require Chromecast to stream videos in Binge.

What is the best NBN Plan for Binge?

Binge-watching means watching multiple movies or series in rapid non-stop succession. Well, you don’t want your Binge movie date to be ruined by lack of data due to faulty planning of broadband service!

The data consumption of Binge streaming depends on the video quality and length. It could typically consume 9GB of data for a 30 hours streaming in 360p video quality and 97.5 GB for a 30 hours 1080p video streaming. Nonetheless, planning ahead is important. Compare Broadband listed all of the best and affordable broadband deals for your Binge streaming.

Belong Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

The 50 mbps standard plan of Belong Broadband service providers goes with an unlimited amount of data access per month. The typical evening speed of this plan is 40 mbps which would give you a wholesome streaming experience. The modem given in this plan is free. The price varies from a 65$ plan or a 70$ plan depending on the type of contract you will avail.

iiNET Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

The limitless data of iiNET NBN 50 is priced at 74.99$ per month. The typical evening speed of this plan is 47.6 mbps which fits hardcore streaming. Fetch entertainment is also available in this bundle including a set-top box and 30 movies a month.

Telstra Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

The 90$ broadband plan boasts its 44 mbps evening speed via fixed wireless connection. This speed won’t allow delays for your video streaming experience. Plus, you will get 3 months of Binge Standard Access all cost shouldered by Telstra. This might be the plan for you! Contact Compare Broadband to discuss the bundle to you.

Optus Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

The standard plan of Optus offers a 44 mbps typical evening speed. With an ultra WiFi modem included and unlimited data access, this plan could be the one you were looking for to enhance your Binge watching experience. Optus NBN 50 cost 75$ a month.

Aussie Broadband Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

Quality service is what this brand prides of. Their unlimited NBN 50 has an evening speed of 43 mbps for 79$ a month. The hardcore streming requirement is 40 mbps up so this could fit your Binge streaming.

How to subscribe in Binge?

Toss your worries because signing up in Binge is not a hassle at all---if you know the right process. Here are the processes for subscribing to Binge depending on your device.

Subscribing on the Web

  1. Go to the webpage of Binge at Binge.com.au and you will see three different subscriptions. Choose only one. 
  2. Enter your personal details. A code will be sent to you mobile number which you will use for the sign up process. 
  3. Fulfil your payment details. 
  4. Set up your profile and you are good to stream all you want!

Subscribing in an iOS or AOS device

  1. Using a compatible web browser for your device, proceed binge.com.au. This will direct you to the homepage of Binge. ( iOS web browser: Safari, Google Chrome, Opera Touch, and Dolphin / AOS web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and , Microsoft edge)
  2. There you will see three different subscriptions. Choose only one. 
  3. Enter your personal details. A code will be sent to you mobile number which you will use for the sign up process. 
  4. Fulfil your payment details. 
  5. Set up your profile and you are good to stream all you want!

Subscribing in App Store or Google Play

  1. Go to your App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Download the Binge Application 
  3. After installing the application, access it and follow the sign up process. 
  4. Confirm your subscription when a pop up notification appears. 
  5. App Store or Google Play will notify you about your subscription if you connect it with your Apple ID or Google Play Store account. 
  6. You are now good to go and stream all you want!