• Your Basic Guide to Optus’ Pocket WIFI
  • Optus Prepaid Pocket WIFI Options
  • Optus Postpaid Pocket WIFI Options

Portable wireless modem, popularly known as pocket WIFI, mobile hotspot or internet dongle, allows a device to connect to the internet through a mobile telephone network. It works like a home WIFI hotspot with a radius of about 10-15 meters, but fits in your pocket. Unlike home broadband connections, it requires no software, cable or installation. Simply turning on the device and connecting via a password allows a digital device to connect to the internet.

Optus is one of the top internet service providers that offer fast internet service in Australia. On top of their home broadband internet services, they also offer mobile hotspot devices that help you stay connected even while on the move. Optus currently offers 4G powered pocket WIFI devices available in prepaid.

Your Basic Guide to Optus’ Pocket WIFI

If you are looking for a portable WIFI device that can allow you to easily connect to the internet anywhere you go, Optus offers a few options that are easy on the budget and provides reliable connectivity for your devices. Here are the options available for you.

Optus Prepaid Pocket WIFI Options

  • Optus E55774G WIFI Modem + 50GB Data

Available in colour white, Optus Pocket WIFI device that includes free 50GB of data upon purchase can accommodate up to 16 compatible devices, all at once. It features a built-in 1500mAh battery that can last up to 3 hours. Charging takes half the time at 1.5 hours for this pocket WIFI device powered by Huawei. It's easy to use and connecting to the device is as simple as a touch of the button. The device also comes with an LCD Display, 1.45 inch in size with an interactive menu for easy use.

External memory is capped at 128GB with a connectivity of 802.11 b/g/n WIFI, powered by a standard sim card. The kit comes with a USB cable. Optus E55774G WIFI Modem is tagged at $79.00 and can also be availed through instalment plans at $19.75 for 4 months.

  • Optus E3372 4G USB Modem

A more affordable pocket WIFI from Optus is its Optus E3372 4GUSB Modem. The plug and play device features a single USB dongle that is very easy to use. It features a slim and sleek design that fits any pocket and gives you non-stop 4G connectivity on the go.

Weighing only 50 grams, it does not come with an internet memory. It is a SIM Type device that is connected via LTE at 900/2100 MHz through a 3G Network and FDD 700/900/1800/2100/2600MHz and TDD 2300MHz via 4G. It does not include free start-up data upon purchase but can be availed at a cheap $39 one-time payment or four easy payments of $9.75 via Afterpay.

Optus Postpaid Pocket WIFI Options

On top of their prepaid mobile hotspot devices, Optus also currently offers 3 prepaid pocket WIFI options.

  • Optus $15 Data SIM Plan

The prepaid subscription includes free 10GB of data, mobile broadband connectivity with no contract terms. Subscribers will only have to replenish their plan every month, for $15 if they would like to continue with the service. However, you will have to purchase a compatible hotspot device to avail this sim-only prepaid service.

  • Optus $25 Data Sim Plan

Available at $25/month, the prepaid plan comes with 50GB data per month via a mobile broadband connection. You can easily terminate the contract after a month of use through this Optus postpaid sim-only pocket WIFI plan.

  • Optus $50 Data Sim Plan

For higher data requirements on the go, the $50 Data Sim Plan from Optus is the best option available for you. It comes with a 150GB plan per month via mobile broadband connection, with no contract terms.

All data consumed above your regular monthly data allowance will be billed on top of your regular monthly plan, for all the postpaid sim-only plans available via Optus.

Optus Prepaid and Postpaid Pocket WIFI Plans: What You Need to Know

  • Delivery

Prepaid and postpaid pocket WIFI plans via Optus are currently available for free express delivery when purchased online. Metro area deliveries take around 2 business days while non-metro areas may receive their device or sim cards within 5 business days. 

  • Card Activation

Card activation for the prepaid SIM cards can be accessed at optus.com.au/activate. To activate, you will need to provide a valid form of identification. Sim replacements can also be requested online.

  • Checking Prepaid Balance and Data Usage

You check your prepaid credit balance, expiry dates as well as data usage via the My Optus App. To recharge your prepaid account via Optus' mobile app, go to optus.com.au/recharge or by calling 555 from your mobile phones. In person prepaid recharge is also available in all Optus stores and participating stores Australia-wide.

  • Things to Remember

Activate your pocket WIFI Sim plans within 30 days after purchase or by the date advertised on the promotion. If activated later, inclusions of your purchase may vary. Data consumption is counted in 1KB increments. Any data consumed on top of your regular allotted postpaid pocket WIFI plan will be charged accordingly. Data rollovers are also applicable but up to 200GB only, when you recharge before expiry. Any data accrued over 200GB will be forfeited.

Coverage for pocket WIFI modem devices and postpaid SIM plans are accessible via the Optus'3G network and 4G plus network. Coverage also depends on your device and location.

Although it is ideal to get a pocket WIFI device and plan for your emergency or outdoor internet connectivity needs, a Home WIFI Broadband Plan is still a wise and a budget-conscious investment for your homes. A home WIFI plan is stable, more affordable and economical most especially for heavy internet users. 

Most home broadband internet services also come with free or discounted Pay TV options which are a great bonus for your household. Home WIFI connectivity also features several advantages over a pocket WIFI. However, if you really need internet connectivity, different from the mobile data plans you have with your phone, Optus has several pocket WIFI plans, both prepaid and postpaid available for you.Still undecided? Contact Compare Broadband at 1300 106 571 to get the best plans and options suited to your budget and needs.