• Technical Difficulties
  • Distractions
  • Staying Motivated

Working in your pyjamas, no long commutes to worry about, a flexible schedule, and being close to your family are just some of the perks of working remotely. However, despite the many positive points and experiences you get working from home, it is not without its challenges. Transitioning to working from home, especially during these trying times, possibly for the first time, also takes some time adjusting.


Several employees are already enjoying the flexibility of working at home. However, remote working for some can be familiar ground. There are still some hesitations on how working at home can be productive for employees and their companies as a whole. Nonetheless, most professionals, even those used to the remote work setup, experience a certain degree of animosity while working at home.

Technical Difficulties

In an office setting, a small glitch in the internet connection or your computers can be quickly resolved by the IT at the office, a challenge that can be difficult for others in work from home setup. You can only be as good and productive parallel to the tools that you use for work. A Wi-Fi drop early in the morning when you are rushing to finish a report can be frustrating.

Investing in a computer, with processors and capacities sufficient to perform tasks required at your work, makes remote work challenges less challenging. If you see yourself working 8 hours a day, 5-7 days a week in front of a computer, getting a robust laptop or PC you can use exclusively for work is indeed an excellent idea.

Internet connection is a struggle in and outside the office. Fast internet is essential when doing conference video calls and dealing with large amounts of files for download and upload. A reliable internet provider, one with very attentive customer service, is one of the best courses to address or avoid internet issues at home immediately. Having a backup internet, your mobile device, a prepaid internet connection, or a second internet provider for some, can lessen the stress of having to deal with unreliable internet connections at home.

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Working at home gives you more time at home, with your family, pet, your favourite sofa, and easy access to your favourite television show. Working in a home setup surrounds you with other things that can divert your attention from work to your home's stuff, begging for your attention. Surrounded by house chores, personal belongings, and people around you makes it hard to focus. It can affect your focus time at work and the occasional background noise during an urgent call with your boss.

A dedicated workspace, preferably away from your bed, television, kitchen, or any other distraction at home, is an excellent place to start. A schedule to follow also helps to keep you on top of your game while working at home. Asking the people around you, to understand your current work setup - including your working hours and how everyone should behave in your "home office" during these working hours helps minimise the distractions that can prevent you from working productively at home.

These distractions are among the top distractions most remote workers experience at work. You see yourself working while hearing the other people at home enjoy your living room or while seeing your kids enjoy the outdoors while you are stuck in a meeting on your PC. It all boils down to finding time to do what you need to do, both for work and for the things and people you enjoy spending time with at home.

Staying Motivated

Remote work subtracts physical interaction with the people you work with. Compared to office setup, you are in a more relaxed environment. You do not worry about your supervisor unknowingly lurking behind your shoulder or your colleague who happens to be your rival for the vacant managerial position. You are in your safe zone. However, being in a familiar territory may cause you to slack or be less conscious of the quality and quantity of work you do at home.

Being in an office setting challenges you to always keep your best foot forward to get noticed and a process to continue climbing up the corporate ladder. You are surrounded by peers and managers who motivate and challenge you to do better or be the best in what you do. Remote work is a little bit different. You get instructions from your boss through an e-mail or a short call, and most of your colleagues might probably be working on their pyjamas too, with coffee or a cracker on the one hand, just like you.

Setting standards and goals on your daily work becomes a must to keep your spirits high and motivated while in a remote work set up. Create a to-do list and follow through with enthusiasm. Improve your work and learn a new skill. Working at home gives you time to grow and harness your skills without judgment from your colleagues that used to surround you in an office setup. Take advantage of alone time to become better in your profession, despite the current locale of your work.

Nowadays, as the whole world adjusts to the new normal, remote work becomes a necessary course of action, it has moved a step forward from being a trend, to something most workers can identify themselves for the rest of their careers. There are challenges on the way, but can be overcome. Identify and face these challenges head-on to enjoy a happier and more productive experience working from home.

Remote work is rewarding. Despite the challenges that you may face as you adjust or advance in your careers even in work from home setup, it is a privilege that only a few get to enjoy. The flexibility and the autonomy of your job allow you to challenge yourself to be the best, even when no one is looking, helps you improve in your profession, and build your personality at the same time. Working from home gives you the chance to create the best environment personalised for you alone, help you stay productive, and perhaps allow you to have more time for other things you enjoy and love outside your career and work.

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