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  • What Is A Smart Home?
  • What Are Some Cool Things I Can Do In A Smart Home?

Imagine it was 3 in the morning and not even the moon shone a light. Unhesitantly you shouted, “Let there be light!”. Then everything lit up. No! You are not God commanding light to spring out of nowhere! You are a boss commanding your house!

Now, some might be asking, is he insane? Is it even possible to command your house to light up the bulb themselves? The answer is as clear as the skies. Yes, it is possible!

Humanity’s obsession with artificial intelligence is still unceasing. Though many fear that it will bring horrors sooner, so far it has brought more benefits and convenience.

From your smartphone that could set up a schedule for all of your activities better than a demanding and lazy secretary, up to your automatic washing machine that has a better body clock than you, these smart technologies have done so much for us. So how can you deny the idea of having a completely automated house or smart home as they call?

What is a smart home?

A smart home is basically a house equipped with appliances and gadgets that could interact with each other and could automatically do their functions as programmed. A smart home could be as simple as having a smart speaker at home or as complex as having multiple machines working and interacting with each other’s functions. 

A smart home can be planned ahead with its smart functions being incorporated to the house itself as it is being built. On the other hand, other owners only added the smart features to their houses.

Simpler designs of smart homes usually include speakers, automatic light bulbs, and basic voice commanded appliances. Complex ones might ask for wider connections of appliances ranging from televisions, air conditioners, watering systems, smartphones, gadgets, CCTVs,and more.

Why should you have a smart home?

Technology’s goal is to make our work and activities easier--and it is doing its job perfectly! By having a smart home, we are only taking advantage of what is already made available for us. Some might say this is laziness. But I say, this is efficiency and convenience!

Here are just some of the reasons why you should have a smart home:

Comfort and simpler life

Smart homes could provide the comfort that you are looking for. Some might not understand someone’s struggle in going to the kitchen in the middle of the night while looking for the switch. Some don’t even have the courage to pee just because it’s too dark! But imagine having to say “Lumos Maxima” or “Light”! Then, the lights will lit up. Wouldn’t it be convenient and comforting? 

Everybody needs a good rest after a hectic and stressful day! Imagine after taking your shoes off, laying on the couch, and just switching and setting the air conditioner using your smartphone without even worrying about the whereabouts of the air conditioner’s remote!

It saves energy and money

Smart homes could also be set to optimise and maximise the usage of energy in your household. There are appliances that could actually be programmed to automatically switch off during night time or if they already have reached the correct temperature.

Better security and safety measures

While having multiple locks to protect your home is still okay, smart homes have better security and safety measures to offer! Nowadays, you can actually monitor your house 24/7 just by using your smartphone. CCTV cameras can now be connected, monitored, and moved through the use of a smartphone device. 

Smart home owners do not also worry about having someone break into their house when they are not at home because smart homes could be built with high-end alarm systems that could send a message or alert the owner and authorities if ever something bad happens in the absence of the owner.

For fire outbreaks, smart homes could be installed with alarm systems that could send a direct message via the internet to authorities and water sprinklers to prevent further damages.

What are the smart home starter packs?

A house with a sensor-automated light bulb could already be classified as a smart home. It shouldn’t always be as complicated as putting cameras all over the place and having an automatic cleaning bathtub!

If you are eyeing a smart home, you should check out these few appliances and techs you could have as a starter pack for your smart home.

NBN Broadbands

All of your smart appliances could now be controlled, monitored, and connected through the use of the internet. Each of the smart gadgets would be able to interact with each other smoothly if only the internet that connects them is fast, reliable, and has stable connection. Compare Broadband offer NBN plans that could cater the needs and requirements of your dream smart home!

Smart bulbs

First on the list are the cute little bulbs! There are a variety of smart bulbs that you can choose from. If you are the type who is loud and loves talking, then the voice automated light bulbs are in for you. But if you are a silent type, you could try the sensor automated bulbs or the ones which you can connect to your smartphone.

There are also lights that could be set to dim during bed time. There are also available smart bulbs of which you can change their colors depending on your mood.


There are actually a lot of smart speakers out there that offer a lot of features. Just like with the artificial intelligence that most people dream of, there are smart speakers that you could actually interact with. You could ask them about the weather and you could also ask them to play a song for you using voice automation. 

Smart displays

These small to large screens are perfect paired with your automatic sound system. They could come handy in displaying pictures, watching movies, or having a presentation. Your cabled tvs could also be used interactive screen displays suited for work or educational purposes.

Security cameras

This technology has been the modern standard for home security and safety measures. Security cameras vary depending on the clarity of video, angle, and mobility or scope of its vision. Nowadays, you can actually monitor your home with your cctv using your smartphones.

Starting a smart home could sound like a really challenging task. However, you should put in mind that you do not always need to start with a lot of appliances or gadgets to start your smart home dream.  Try investing with the list we have for you. This starter pack will surely give you a headstart.