• What exactly is a smart security camera?
  • How do smart security cameras work?
  • Do smart security cameras protect your privacy?

Is that a smart camera or just a webcam pretending to be a security device? These days, it’s easy to get confused with the overwhelming amount of options and products you can find in the tech market. We can’t blame you if, at one point, you were duped into buying the wrong device because you were a little clueless.

In this guide, we aim to help you get to know smart security cameras better so you can easily distinguish them from a pile of photo cameras and other security equipment the next time you go out to get one.


What exactly is a smart security camera?

If you’ve ever found yourself confused between a smart security camera and a webcam, you are not alone. Both devices are actually similar in nature, except that smart security cameras are deemed ‘smarter,’ meaning it has functionalities that a simple webcam does not.

A smart security camera is a home security device that you can connect to your Wi-Fi network and control using an app on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. But instead of having a third-party review and store the footage on your behalf, you get to watch over the live stream yourself and store the footage on your personal cloud.

Depending on the device you are using, you may also enjoy other features such as motion detection and security alerts in case of a potential security breach at your place.

How do smart security cameras work?

Like most devices in the Internet of Things ecosystem, smart security cameras work by connecting through your Wi-Fi network. Then, with the use of a complementary app, you can monitor the live feed or control the camera from your smartphone or tablet.

In some instances, you can integrate the security camera into your smart home ecosystem. This works for devices with Google Nest or Amazon Echo compatibility. Keep in mind, though, that smart security cameras require a constant connection to the internet, which means you will need a reliable broadband plan for them to do their job. Otherwise, you won’t have a live feed that you can monitor remotely or review. 

Check out the best wifi plans or the  fastest NBN broadband plans to ensure your cameras are able to capture security footage.

Do smart security cameras protect your privacy?

These days, there are no digital products that are completely safe from external hacking and data breaches. This includes your security cameras at home. If you want to keep your personal details safe at all times, make sure you are doing your due diligence.

Like with your smartphones and computers, make sure that your camera’s firmware is regularly updated. Do not forego the two-factor authentication to give you an extra layer of protection and consider using a password manager to generate stronger passwords for your devices.

What to look for when buying a smart security camera?

As it is a camera that you’re looking to buy, first on your list should be quality and resolution. If the camera can’t give you a clear image, then there is no point in installing one. A 720p resolution is already a good deal, but if you don’t mind spending more, there are other security cameras with 1080 or 4k quality. You’d also want to check its field of view, recording capacity, storage options, as well as battery life, and connectivity requirements.

What are the best smart security cameras in the market?

The distinction of being the best product in the market comes with a lot of considerations. In terms of smart security cameras, your options are generally categorised by the smart ecosystem that you have at home.

That being said, if you have a security camera that works with Amazon Alexa, some of the highly recommended products are the Arlo Ultra 4K Starter Kit or the Reolink Solar Powered Outdoor Camera. For Google Nest, you might want to check out the Amcrest Dome Pro HD camera or the Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor device that’s exclusively made for Google. If you prefer the Apple HomePod, Arlo’s Ultra 4K Starter Kit is still a great option, but the Netatmo Welcome Security Camera is not a bad pick either.

Just remember that you can make the most of your smart security systems if you have a stable internet connection at home. Find the one that suits your needs and budget from the top internet providers in Australia. You can compare the best broadband plans in your area or call us at 1300 106 571 to talk with experts.