Setting Up a Broadband Modem

Once you have signed up for a broadband connection with your new internet provider, you will need to also setup your modem to connect to their service with the username and password provided on sign up. How you setup up your modem will depend on where you have purchased it from and the type of connection you have sign up for. If you are new to broadband, the easiest way to get support on setting up your modem is to purchase a modem from your broadband internet provider and use their technical support helpline to talk you through the installation process. Most modem manufacturers will also have a technical support helpline to guide you through any issues.

Setting up an ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL modem

If you have purchased a modem from you broadband internet provider it should arrive by courier ready to go. This means you username and password has already been setup in the modem and all you will need to do is plug it in and begin surfing the internet once your broadband has been connected.

If you are using a modem from your previous broadband provider, or have purchased a modem form another source, the modem will not be able to connect until you save your new username and password in the modem interface.

You will need to plug your modem into a power outlet and the modem will need to be on all the time you want to connect to the internet. You will also need to run a telephone cable into the ADSL port in the back of your modem to receive the broadband signal. If you are connecting your computer to the modem via an Ethernet cable, the cable should be plugged in to your computer and also into one of the available modem ports.

Don’t forget to install line filter on any other appliances that are using your home phone line to prevent interference with the ADSL signal.

Depending on your modem a steady light on the front of the hardware should indicate an ADSL signal is being received.
Your modem will have an instruction manual that will tell you how to access the modem interface to enter and save your new login details that were provided to you on sign up. If you have trouble with your username and password, you call your provider to make sure the details are correct.

Setting up a cable broadband modem

Setting up a cable broadband modem is similar to an ADSL modem configuration. The main difference is you cable modem will plug in to the cable outlet in your home, rather than the home phone line.  A cable modem cannot be used for an ADSL connection and vice versa.
Setting up a Mobile Broadband modem

If you have purchased you mobile broadband modem from your provider, all you will need to do is plug it in to your computer, run the installation cd and you will be ready to go. If you have an existing modem from another mobile broadband provider you will need to enter the correct username and password to connect. If you have trouble changing your username or password you will need to contact the modem manufacturer or read the modem manual, as your new broadband provider will generally only offer basic support for a modem you have brought form another service.

For more advanced modem setup problems or to set up a secure Wi-Fi network you may need to contact either your broadband provider or modem manufacturer. Most modems manufactures will have guides on setting up their equipment on their product support page.