• Internode in Alice Springs
  • More NT Exchanges on the way
  • Alternative to Telstra

Internode has brought ADSL2+ services to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, with more upgrades coming soon.

The South Australia-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) said its first ADSL2+ DSLAM in the Northern Territory is now active. Customers connected to the exchange can now access Internode's ADSL2+ Easy Broadband and Easy Naked plans.

Call us on 1300 106 571 for more details on Internode's Easy Broadband and Easy Naked plans.

Easy Broadband plans

                                                              Monthly Price
Plan Name                 Monthly Quota      (bundled) (unbundled)
Easy Broadband 30     30GB                     $29.95     $49.95
Easy Broadband 200   200GB                   $49.95     $69.95
Easy Broadband 300   300GB                   $69.95     $89.95
Easy Broadband 1000 1,000GB                $119.95    $139.95

Easy Naked plans

Plan Name               Monthly Quota        Monthly Price
Easy Naked 30         30GB                     $59.95
Easy Naked 200       200GB                    $79.95
Easy Naked 300       300GB                    $99.95
Easy Naked 1000     1,000GB                 $149.95

Internode also promised more exchanges in NT are coming soon, including Darwin, Nightcliff Palmerston and Casuarina.

However, the ISP said it has no estimated dates for the work to be completed. There are also no plans to connect any of the exchanges around Alice Springs.

Internode offers broadband and phone plans across Australia, both on its own network and on the Telstra Wholesale network. Where Internode has installed its own ADSL2+ DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer), the ISP can offer cheaper Easy Broadband plans to customers, as well as Easy Naked plans.

Plans accessed through the Telstra Wholesale network are referred to as Easy Reach plans and are more expensive.

Internode has often complained about Telstra's 'price squeeze' and has recently increased prices on Easy Reach plans, prompting criticism from customers.

Out of contract customers who are affected by the changes can either pay more, switch plans or find a cheaper ISP by calling Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571.