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More and more information is being divulged about the recipients of the Regional Connectivity Program funds. Around $90M of the funds is said to be allocated to various eligible winners as announced by the Federal Government in the previous week.  

Individual regional government representatives are now releasing more information regarding the other recipients of the grant. Nevertheless, NBN Co and FSG are already announced as the big winners, accumulating $30M and $20M of the funds respectively. 

South Australia’s Far North and Eyre Peninsula

The students attending Leigh Creek Area School and Marree Aboriginal School will have the opportunity to enjoy high-speed internet, according to education minister John Gardner. This is because of the government’s project to incorporate government schools with internet fibre technology, thereby improving connectivity to public schools. 

Minister Gardner also said that “The Leigh Creek and Mount Scott mobile base stations will be upgraded and thirteen northern Aboriginal communities will gain satellite small cell coverage. Regional students and communities are benefiting from the constructive relationship between the State and Commonwealth governments which are partnering with Telstra to deliver digital communications infrastructure.”

On the other hand, South Australia said that it will be providing a top-up of $2.5M towards the Wudinna Switch Up project and the Far North SA Regional Connectivity Program. Alongside this, the Coalition Government will also contribute more than $4.5M. The communities of Dalhousie Springs, Yunyarinyi, Nyapari, Murputja, Kalka, Kanpi, and Watinuma will also receive funds.


Wudinna, a town on the Eyre Highway in the west of the state, should also have an upgraded service since it is a major service centre. In this case, $1.8M of the funds ready to be released in the program should be allocated to them according to the federal Liberal MP for Grey Rowan Ramsey. With this funding, the satellite technology will be upgraded into a fixed-line solution that will yield a better and more stable internet connection in the area. 

According to him, “In Wudinna a consortium partnership between the District Council and NBN Co will bring Fibre to the Premises NBN to 377 brownfield premises and a 1-2km distribution network extension. The Regional Connectivity Program which is delivering $1.8M has been essential in bringing this project to fruition.”

He further added that “Wudinna has been on my radar since the NBN rollout and previously the problem of backhaul capacity had proved to be the stopper. Congratulations to the council for not giving up and securing this funding for an upgrade.”