• Top NBN plans for Gamers (50-100 Mbps)
  • Tangerine Telecom XXL Speed Boost Broadband Plan
  • TPG NBN Premium SL Bundle

Much as streaming sites and video-on-demand platforms are here to stay, online gaming also appears to be for good. It’s a favourite pastime of all ages these days, especially with the steady arrival of various gaming consoles and gaming applications. The love for games has grown alongside technology that it has reached the point now where online gaming can be a profession.

It’s not surprising, though, considering that you only need a console, a computer, or even just your mobile phone, plus a stable internet connection to play all the games you want. If you are fortunate enough to live where there is a reliable NBN connection, as well as a service provider that offers great deals, online gaming wouldn’t be a problem. However, in case you are not currently subscribed to an internet plan or you are no longer happy with your provider, consider switching to a new one with the help of this article.

Top NBN plans for Gamers (50-100 Mbps)

Australia is very close to the completion of its NBN infrastructure, so there’s a good chance that your service provider has a corresponding plan to offer. For heavy online gamers, the ideal choice is to get one with an unlimited data allowance so you don’t run out in the middle of a match or each time you download updates.

Among the leading telco companies to offer unlimited NBN plans, Tangerine, Internode, Aussie Broadband, iPrimus, and Dodo have some of the best deals for customers.

Tangerine Telecom XXL Speed Boost Broadband Plan

Tangerine XXL Speed Boost Broadband Plan offers month-to-month unlimited data for $74.90 per month for the first six months. This broadband-only connection comes with 100 Mbps of data with typical evening speeds of up to 83 Mbps. The plan also has no fixed contract, a $0 setup fee, and a 14-day risk-free trial.

Belong Unlimited NBN Broadband

Belong Unlimited NBN Broadband, on the other hand, allows you to consume as much data as you can within a 12-month period for a $65 monthly fee. The broadband-only plan offers 50 Mbps of internet speeds.

TPG NBN Premium SL Bundle

Another option is TPG’s NBN Premium SL Bundle that comes with 100 Mbps of internet and unlimited data on a month-to-month basis. It’s a broadband-and-home phone bundle that costs $79.99 for the first six months.

Dodo NBN Standard Plus Unlimited Broadband Plan

If you prefer Dodo as your service provider, the NBN Standard Plus Unlimited Broadband Plan might be the choice for you. For $85 per month, you can enjoy unlimited data with up to 100 Mbps of speeds. It’s a month-to-month contract and includes a home phone line rental, but you’ll need to cough up $120 for the setup fee.

iPrimus NBN Unlimited Broadband Plan

The iPrimus NBN Unlimited Broadband Plan also sets you back by $85 per month for broadband with a home phone line connection. It comes with unlimited data and speeds of up to 100 Mbps on a month-to-month policy.

If you are interested in signing up for any of these NBN plans, call Compare Broadband at 1300 106 571 for immediate assistance or check out other deals offered by Australia’s top internet service providers.

Gamer-specific NBN plans

While most NBN plans with decent speeds and reliable connection could work for online gamers, there are a few telcos in the country that offer plans specific to gamers. These include Telstra, Optus, MyRepublic, and Aussie Broadband.

Telstra is most ideal for gamers who don’t mind shelling out a significant sum for their home internet connection. The brand has the Casual Unlimited Home Broadband Bundle that costs $110 per month for unlimited data and up to 100 Mbps of connection.

They also have the Game Optimiser tool for games, which aims to improve your performance by prioritising gaming traffic on your connection.

Optus, meanwhile, has the Internet Everyday Bundle Plan that comes with unlimited data and 100 Mbps for $105 per month. In terms of additional products, you can ask about the Game Path service, which allows users to route traffic through the best servers.

MyRepublic’s SuperFast NBN Gamer Pro Plan is also a good deal with unlimited data and speeds of up to 100 Mbps ($109 per month) or 250 Mbps ($119 per month).

Picking the best NBN plan for your gaming needs

When it comes to choosing the best NBN plan for your online gaming needs, speed and costs are not the only considerations. There are also other factors to think about such as latency, bandwidth, and typical evening speeds.

All of these play a role in the overall quality of your gaming experience, so it’s better to inquire about them with your service provider before signing a contract.

  • Latency refers to the quality of your connection to the game server or to another gamer’s computer and can be affected by the actual distance of your broadband connection from the main node in the area. Ideally, your NBN plan should have low latency or better ‘ping’ times.
  • Bandwidth is the capacity to accommodate the number of users and devices connected to the internet. NBN plans that offer Premium Speeds of 100 Mbps could be the better choice if this is the case for you at home.
  • Typical evening speeds are the speeds that your broadband connection can deliver during peak hours, which is usually 7 and 11 in the evening. While your plan may offer a download speed of 100 Mbps, it could go lower on hours when most internet users are online.

All things considered, there will surely be an NBN plan that suits your needs — gaming or not. If you are still undecided about which plan to get, check out this list of NBN plans that offer the fastest connections.

To help you decide quickly, you can always contact Compare Broadband at 1300 106 571. We will be more than delighted to assist your needs.