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Off-net broadband is a term describing ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband plans offered over a different network than that used by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you live in an Off-Net area unfortunately the price of a plan available to you will usually be more than in other areas as the provider is required to pay more to use these lines.

  • Usually a more cost effective option than Mobile Broadband
  • Will give you access to the internet in areas where this is difficult

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What is off-net broadband?

Off-net broadband is a common term that is used to describe ADSL or ADSL2+ plans. These broadband plans are often offered over a different network than those typically used by internet service providers. Like with NBN plans , off-net plans also come in a range of connection speeds which usually range from 521Kbps to 20Mbps. The speed will still depend on the area that you are in.

What are the best ADSL off-net plans?

Because NBN was already rolled out in most areas in Australia in the previous year, it may be more difficult for you to find an ADSL off-net plan. There is a great chance that ADSL will no longer be an available service anytime soon. The reason behind this is that the old copper lines used for the ADSL connection will already get decommissioned. Nevertheless, instead of off-net plans, what you will most likely find are ADSL2+ plans, which are mostly ‘on net’, particularly offered in rural and other remote areas.

Which providers offer off-net plans?

In the past, TPG, iPrimus, as well as Telstra offered off-net plans. However, nowadays, they mostly offer ‘on net’ or ADSL2+ plans. In this case, you can even find Telstra ADSL Unlimited bundled with Telstra TV as well as an Xbox All Access. Nevertheless, the speed of your connection may largely vary.

What's the difference between off-net broadband and the NBN?

NBN and ADSL both provide users with a way to connect to the internet. However, the technologies they implement are completely different. For instance, ADSL is known to run on old copper lines where phone signals are carried. On the other hand, the NBN network relies on fibre optic cables that have the capacity to carry significant amounts of data at a high speed.

The NBN network is set to replace the old technology used by ADSL, with the older copper lines removed as the fibre optic cable technology of the NBN is established. When NBN has been rolled out in your area, you will no longer be able to access ADSL because the cables it leverages to deliver the connection will no longer be available.

Will off-net ADSL be phased out in the future?

Yes, there is a great chance that both off-net and ‘on net’ ADSL will be phased out in the future. In fact, this is already beginning to happen in the areas where the NBN network is already established. The removal of old cables is necessary to make way for the new ones to be installed. Rest assured that with the contemporary technology implemented by the NBN network, you will get to experience a faster and more reliable internet connection.

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