• Free modems on ADSL2+ and ADSL plans
  • Save money by scoring yourself a free modem
  • Are free modems any good?

If you are shopping around for a new internet plan, you may need to buy a new modem. A modem bought from a shop will work with any Internet Service Provider (ISP). All you will need to do to configure the modem is to follow the instructions provided by the modem manufacturer and your ISP.

However, there are several ISPs offering free modems to new customers signing up to an ADSL2+ or ADSL broadband plan.

Not only will this save you money, it will be much easier to set up as the modem will arrive preconfigured with your username and password.

Standard modem or Wi-Fi?

Standard modems may have one port or more. A port is the place where you can plug in an Ethernet wire, which goes into your desktop computer or other device. A standard modem is cheaper than a wireless modem but you are restricted to one device per port.

A Wi-Fi modem uses a wireless router to create a wireless network in your home. You can connect to the internet anywhere within the range of the Wi-Fi signal and more than one person can be on the internet at the same time.

ISPs change the brand and model of modem they offer from time to time, so if you want to know what is currently on offer, give the provider a quick call to find out.

Optus Fusion

Optus includes a free standard modem on its 24-month Yes Fusion $79 plan, which includes 120GB, plus line rental and unlimited local and national calls for $79 a month.

Customers on this plan can upgrade to a wireless modem for an extra $120. On the higher plans, such as the Yes Fusion $99, Optus includes a free wireless modem.

Give Optus a call on 1300 137 897 for more details on these plans.


iPrimus offers discounts on its modems for customers signing up to a 24-month contract. For a standard one-port modem, iPrimus charges $29 and for a wireless four-port modem, iPrimus charges $89.95.

For more information on plans, give iPrimus a call on 1300 137 794.


Engin offers either a standard four-port modem on its ADSL2+ broadband plans or a wireless modem. Currently, Engin offers a Netcomm NB6+4 on Landline Ignition 49, Landline Ignition 69 and Landline Ignition 79 plans. On the higher landline Ignition 99 and Landline Ignition 119, Engin includes a Dynalink 1025W.

Call Engin on 1300 121 064 for more information on ADSL2+ broadband bundles.


For a limited time, (offer valid as of 24th February 2011) iiNet is offering a free BoB modem to new customers who bundle a home phone line or a fetchtv plan with a broadband plan.

BoB is a wireless modem but has a lot of extra features. It is VoIP compatible, so if you sign up to a VoIP plan you can plug in a handset to make calls over the internet. BoB will also charge USB devices like mobile phones. Give iiNet a call on 1300 106 571 for more information on plans.