• A broadband plan that is easy to set up
  • Broadband plan that has speeds of at least 100 Mbps
  • Most affordable broadband plans in Australia


If you’re renting out your property, you’re probably after a broadband plan that offers flexibility. If you sign up for a long-term contract and then you find out that it’s time to move, there may be high cancellation fees for exiting the contract early. So below we will recommend plans that have either:

  • low cancellation fees
  • low relocation fees (i.e. you can take the plan with you to your new property)
  • a short contract period

Easy setup

Connecting to the internet shouldn’t be complicated. If you’re not tech-savvy, you want a broadband plan that is easy to set up and won’t take hours out of your day. This means that you should look for a broadband plan that either:

  • comes with a pre-configured modem
  • has an intuitive setup process

A high download limit which can be accessed from the front terrace to the backyard

If you’re in a shared house where everyone needs internet access, you’ll probably be after a wireless modem and a tonne of data so you don’t have to worry about your housemates downloading your fair share.

Many of the broadband plans below have their download quotas split between peak and off-peak. This gives you leverage to tell your housemate who’s addicted to downloading every episode of their favorite shows on Netflix to time their downloads and uploads to run during off-peak hours, so your internet runs faster during the early evening.


Of course, you also want a fast connection so that you can do what you need to online without any frustrating buffering or lag. So make sure that the broadband plan you choose has speeds of at least 100 Mbps.

Low Cost

Below we have suggested some of the most affordable broadband plans in Australia. We have taken into consideration the monthly cost, the cost of the modem, and any other applicable setup fees.

You are not required to purchase a modem through your chosen ISP – so you can use a modem you already have. You’ll need to make sure it’s NBN compatible and that it’s not locked to another network (we’ve found locked modems to be reasonably rare).

There are no extra charges if you exceed your monthly cap with any of the plans listed below. If you exceed your cap, your speed is simply slowed down.

Tangerine XL Speed Boost UNLIMITED

  • 50Mbps, Unlimited Data, $54.90 per month
  • No contract term
  • No setup fee
  • No cancellation fees

TPG nbn™50 Unlimited Plan

iiNet nbn™50 Liimitless