If you’re renting out your property, you’re probably after a broadband plan that offers flexibility. If you sign up to a long term contract and then you find out that it’s time to move, there may be high cancellation fees for exiting the contract early. So below we will recommend plans that have either:

•    low cancellation fees
•    low relocation fees (i.e. you can take the plan with you to your new property)
•    a short contract period

Easy setup

Connecting to ADSL (or ADSL2+) broadband will not require you to make any physical changes to your property, making it an ideal solution for renters who want their bonds back when the lease finishes.

A high download limit which can be accessed from the front terrace to the backyard

If you’re in a shared house where everyone needs internet access, you’ll probably be after a wireless modem and a tonne of data so you don’t have to worry about your housemates downloading your fair share.

Many of the broadband plans below have their download quotas split between peak and off peak. This gives you leverage to tell your housemate who’s addicted to downloading every episode of Top Gear to time their downloads and uploads to run during off peak hours, so your internet runs faster during the early evening.

Broadband without a home phone

Most people own a mobile phone, so you may be after a broadband plan that doesn’t require you to pay expensive phone line rental each month. Splitting a home phone bill between housemates can be exhausting, and you’d probably prefer not to pay for your housemate’s interstate calls.

You’ll notice many of the plans suggested below are ‘Naked’ plans. This means that they are broadband plans only, with no extra phone line rental each month.

The plans which we have suggested below do not require you to activate your home phone line – everything is organised for you.

Low Cost

Below we have suggested some of the most affordable broadband plans in Australia. We have taken into consideration the monthly cost, the cost of the modem and any other applicable setup fees.

You are not required to purchase a modem through your chosen ISP – so you can use a modem you already have. You’ll need to make sure it’s ADSL2+ compatible and that it’s not locked to another network (we’ve found locked modems to be reasonably rare).

There are no extra charges if you exceed your monthly cap with any of the plans listed below. If you exceed your cap, your speed is simply slowed down.

iiNet Naked DSL

Naked Home – 1: 50GB peak + 50 GB off peak $59.95
Naked Home – 2: 200GB peak + 200 GB off peak $89.95

No fixed term contract: setup fee of $150 (the other option is a 24-month contract, which is $79.95 setup and up to $100 off the cost of your modem).

Make cheap phone calls over the internet with BoB,TM a 4-port wireless VOIP router, excl. Handset: $309 (on a no fixed-term contract)

Relocation cost: $150

Cancellation cost: $75 (19-24 months), $109 (13-18 months), $144 (7-12 months), $223 (six months or less).

To sign up or for further enquiries call: 1300 106 571

Netspace Naked DSL

Naked Home-1: 50GB peak + 50GB off peak $59.95
Naked Home-2: 200GB peak + 200GB off peak $89.95

Set-up fees for a six-month contract: $99 BYO modem, $249 with a wireless modem
12-month contract: $59 BYO modem, $209 with a wireless modem
No fixed term contract: $149 BYO modem, $299 with a wireless modem

Cancellation cost: 50% of the remaining monthly fees plus a $65 termination fee.

Relocation cost: $99 if you have been connected for more than six months, $149 if you have been connected for less than six months.

To sign up or for further enquiries call: 1300 115 225

TPG home phone and broadband

While you may not necessarily be after a home phone, TPG offers home phone bundle deals which are cheaper than some of the Naked DSL plans which are on offer. Line rental is included in the plans, so there are no extra fees for the home phone unless you decide to make any calls. These plans may be useful for renters who need to make or receive some landline calls but don’t want to use up their mobile cap.

Home phone and broadband $49.99: 15GB peak + 15GB off peak
Home phone and broadband $59.99: 150GB peak + 350GB off peak

Local calls: 25 cents untimed

Setup cost: $129.95 on a six-month contract, $79.95 on an 18-month contract
Wireless modem: $159.95 (including delivery)

To sign up or for further enquiries call: 1300 106 571

Virgin Mobile Wireless Broadband

Mobile wireless broadband works a bit differently to Naked DSL or ADSL2+. There is no physical phone line needed – the USB modem connects to the internet via the nearest mobile phone tower. It isn’t as fast as regular broadband, the download quotas aren’t as big and the plans are designed to connect one device at a time.

We would recommend mobile wireless broadband if you’re the only person in your house that needs a new internet connection, and it’s for light usage such as surfing the web and checking emails. It’s not recommended for customers who often stream videos or download movies.

The mobile broadband plans are suitable for renters because there are low setup fees, shorter contracts and the connection is portable, so you can take it with you wherever there’s coverage. There are also prepaid plans available. Virgin mobile uses the Optus ‘Open Network’ to provide network coverage.

12-month contract: 3GB for $29 per month (USB modem included in cost)
12-month contract: 6GB for $39 per month (USB modem included in cost)

Prepaid: $79 for USB modem plus 4GB of data with a 30-day expiry
Top up: $29 for 2GB
Top up: $59 for 4GB

To sign up or for further enquiries call: 1300 106 571