• Online gamers need one thing to stay on top of their game
  • When choosing a plan, get the one that offers plenty of data
  • Choosing the right ISP provider is just as important

Online gamers need one thing to stay on top of their game – good internet connection.  They need a broadband connection that has a great amount of data and speed, and low latency. Choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP), therefore, is crucial and important for them to stay at the edge of the competition.


While playing, the players rely on fast and stable internet connection to avoid lagging or dropping-out while in the middle of the game.  If you are a gamer, you would only need NBN speed of at least 2-5 Mbps in order to play smoothly.  And if you can, connect your modem directly using an Ethereal cable. It is faster and more reliable this way than using wireless connection.


When choosing a plan, get the one that offers plenty of data. Downloading demos, updates and online play can eat up a lot of your data limit. ISP companies now offer huge allocations or unlimited data at very reasonable deals.  


When choosing the right internet plan for you, try to check for the following:


High typical evening speed.  Typical evening speed is the best measure of your plan’s reliability. The higher the typical speed is, the less likely that your speed will dip randomly during peak hours.  You might also want to consider getting an NBN plan with 4G back-up, that way you’ll be able to continue playing even if the NBN drops.

Bandwidth.  If there are more of you in your household who play at the same time, it is best to get a high tier plan that guarantees more than enough bandwidth.  Bandwidth measures how much data can be transmitted over your network at a given time.  If 2 or more people are trying to play and download games at the same time, your connection definitely slows down because you won’t have enough bandwidth.

Latency/Ping.  Latency or ping is actually the measure of how long a signal from our device takes to reach the game server.  High latency simply makes the game almost unplayable, as it results in endless lag spikes and other issues.  There are two Australian ISPs who have given priority to latency for avid gamers.  There are Aussie Broadband and MyRepublic.  They offer optimised connections to certain gaming servers, thereby resulting in lower pings and improved gaming experience.  


Choosing the right ISP provider is just as important.  They not only offer you a great internet connection at a good price, but also offer other perks, privileges, and added services. 


Telstra offers Game Optimisation service, a technology that basically prioritises traffic to your PC or gaming consoles to help lower down lag spikes and more.


But if you are a practical person looking for an ISP provider that is straightforward with its offerings, you might want to consider TPG.  TPG offers unlimited data with great speed at a cheaper cost.  They also have more value plans to choose from.  Other ISP companies may also offer other deals and packages that suit you better.  


The most important thing before subscribing to any NBN packages is to identify your needs and the budget you can allocate for it so you can trim down your choices and get the best plan for you.