• The difference between static and dynamic IP addresses
  • Why you might want a static IP address
  • Which ISPs offer static IP addresses

Most Australian broadband providers will offer both Static and Dynamic IP (Internet Protocol) addresses on their ADSL, ADSL2+, Naked DSL and Cable broadband plans. The type of IP address you will need will depend on what you are planning to do with your broadband internet connection. For most users a dynamic IP address will be suitable for all your basic internet usage; browsing, downloading music and videos and sending and receiving emails.

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What is an IP address?

An IP address is the series of numbers assigned to your computer that constitutes your computer’s address on the internet. IP addresses usually look like: and allow you access to the global network known as the internet.

It may be easier to think of an IP address like a mobile phone number. Because you always have the same mobile phone number to allow people to call you, this is like a Static IP address. A dynamic IP address would be like having a different mobile phone number each time you made a call. It would work fine to talk to other people, but if they wanted to call you, it would be difficult as your phone number is constantly changing.

Dynamic IP addresses

A Dynamic IP address is an address that changes each time you connect to the internet. In this way you will never use the same IP address and will be assigned a new one form the available addresses when you log on to the internet. Unless you require the same IP address to run more complex internet application a dynamic IP address will be suitable for most internet users.
Because there are a limited number of IP addresses available, it is not feasible to give every internet user a Static IP address that never changes. By allocating internet users a dynamic IP address that changes each time you connect to the internet, the limited number of IP addresses can be shared among users. With an ADSL connection, each time your modem is switched off or reset, you will be assigned a new IP address.
Static IP addresses

You may need a Static IP address if you are planning to use your internet connection for more complex applications than simple web browsing. If you are hosting Web servers, you will need a Static IP address to ensure you web server is always at the same address and can be found by internet searches. If you are hosting email servers you will also need a Static IP address to ensure the emails sent to your IP always find the right address. Basically, if you are running an application that requires web searchers and browses to find the right application you will need a static IP address. This will mean you IP address will never change and you will always be found at the same address.

Chances are, if you need a static IP address you will already understand its benefits. If you are new to broadband a dynamic IP address will be suitable for all your browsing, downloading and internet usage.

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