• Telstra’s 5G Network Coverage
  • Telstra 5G Devices and Services
  • Telstra 5G Wireless Home Broadband

The birth of the fifth generation of mobile technology, or the 5G as we popularly know,  has paved the way for new perspectives in the landscape of internet services. Set to have a larger network capacity, low latency, and faster internet connection, 5G has surely marketed itself to web divers and internet explorers alike. With this new wave of connectivity advancement, the different Telcos in Australia have already begun rolling out their services tied with 5G capabilities. 

Telcos have seen the edge 5G has to offer. Most especially now that the Internet of Things (IOT) is continuously growing as businesses and services establish their stores in the internet. Few of the Australian telcos who took advantage of this new generation of mobile network are Telstra and Optus. This giant Australian network service provider has already started rolling out their products and services enabled with 5G as early as 5G was released. 

Telstra for the record has set its services upon the new generation of mobile technology at a remarkable pace. Different internet plans are already on their catalogues catering 5G signals. Products and bundles with fifth generation network capabilities, such as the Telstra 5G WiFi Pro, are also included in their menu. In addition, just this year Telstra CEO has announced their plan of setting out a wireless home broadband built upon 5G that would compete with other NBN plans and FTTN connections. 

Nonetheless, we could still not explore totally and fathom fully the extent of advantages 5G can offer since it is still yet to be rolled out at a larger coverage. You might be able to purchase 5G enabled devices but later on experience poor signal connection or no 5G signal at all because of the limited areas that have 5G connections. 

In this article, you will be able to know Telstra’s 5G coverage, understand more about 5G, and what other 5G enabled devices and services are in Telstra’s catalogue. 

What is inside?

  • Telstra’s 5G Network Coverage
  • Telstra 5G Devices and Services
    • Telstra 5G  Wireless Home Broadband
    • Telstra 5G WiFi Pro
  • Telstra 5G Mobile Phone Plans 
  • Telstra 5G Mobile Broadband Plans

Telstra’s 5G Network Coverage

Telstra already managed to set a large coverage area for its 5G connection even before the major roll outs. As of writing, Telstra’s 5G network is already set in 46 towns and cities. Basically, the new generation of mobile networks is established in major regions and cities to make use of its larger network capacity that could solve the problem with congestion. Some of the places to first have 5G network include parts of Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Launceston, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast, etc. 

To aid their customers on checking whether their area is 5G enabled, Telstra has launched its newer version of their network coverage checker. If you want to check whether your place has a 5G signal, you can check it out in Telstra’s Network Coverage Map

Shown in  Telstra’s Network Coverage Map is the whole region of Australia. If you are on the page, you will see scattered colors of purple, green, and blue. These colors indicate the generation of mobile networks that is available in a certain area. The areas with color blue means that 3G is enabled in that area. If you see your place with the pigment of green, you are lucky to have 4G connection. Nonetheless, you have hit the jackpot if purple color is splattered in your place on the map. Only the people in areas with purple color can experience the connectivity of a 5G network technology. 

Telstra’s Network Coverage Map can be zoomed 5 times to reach a more specific area. You can look at the country itself, a state, a specific region, your suburb, or your address. As of now, Telstra probably has the widest coverage area for its 5G network service in Australia. Surprisingly, it also has a faster connection speed that could reach 700mbps compared to other 5G network service providers. Nonetheless, the strength of connection relies heavily on location because of how the frequency used in 5G works. 

We won’t be able to see 5G’s extents not until it is fully rolled out not later than 2023. For now, above are the areas that Telstra 5G can cover. 

Telstra 5G Devices and Services

Telstra is really building its network upon the new network technology. Just recently, we have seen the 5G-enabled on the go hardware they have released. Now, the CEO has announced that a prospective NBN alternative in the name of Telstra 5G home broadband is set to be launched later this year. Here are some of the devices and services of Telstra that are 5G capable. 

Telstra 5G Wireless Home Broadband

CEO Andy Penn has announced that this new service will be released later this year. They have set this service to compete teeth-to-teeth with NBN services. He has highlighted that the larger network capacity of 5G connection could provide a better internet experience. Setting up the connection would also be easier because it will be a wireless one. 

Telstra 5G WiFi Pro

This Telstra on-the-go device is made to provide 5G connection with ease and convenience. The hardware has a modern look. The features include a 2.4 inches interactive touch screen. A data utilization meter is also available for faster and easier data consumption tracking. The device utilizes the 5G mmWave which could provide a faster internet connectivity. However, the only downside is that it can only travel at a shorter distance compared with other lower frequencies. If you are an adventurous person who would like to experience 5G, this is the perfect hardware for you. Telstra 5G WiFi Pro costs $599 for a single payment. Nonetheless, you can have via installment mode of payment for either 24 months or 36 months. 

Telstra 5G Phone Plans

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB

The 6.2 inches (15.7 cm) interactive touch pad of this device is good for viewing. It has a dynamic amoled 2x capacitive touchscreen that could flash 16M colors. You could either have a plan at $55 for the lowest and $115 for the highest connection plan which will depend on your data needs. The good thing though, Telstra’s data plans have no lock-in contracts. This means you can cancel your plan anytime you like. If you are planning to get the Samsung Galaxy S20 in Telstra, you will have to add $62.45 in your monthly data plan. This will serve as your device repayment which could last up to 24 months. Upon subscribing on a Telstra Mobile Internet plan, you will be eligible for unlimited call and text for a month. However, your data allowance will depend upon the plan you availed. It can reach from 40GB up to 180GB per month. 

Oppo Find X2 Pro

If you are looking to bundle Oppo Find X2 with a mobile data plan, Telstra’s offer is a goodie. Well, the mobile phone features a 6.2 inches touch screen display that is powered by an android operating system. The camera of this mobile phone has an astonishing 48 megapixels. Just like the other phone plans of Telstra, the price for Oppo Find X2 Pro bundled with a mobile data plan could range from $55 mobile data plan up to $115 mobile data plan. The device repayment that you would have to add to your data plan costs $68.70. This means that if you availed the $55 mobile plan with Oppo Find X2 Pro, the total cost will be $123.70 per month. The data allowance will vary per plan which could range from 40GB to 180GB per month. The freebies unlimited call and text is also available. Luckily, there are no lock-in contracts in Telstra’s plans. You can also opt to pay the phone via installment mode for 24 months or 36 months. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 

This mobile phone showcases its 6.7 inch interactive touch screen with an android operating system. You can get the phone by availing a no lock-in contract for data plan with 24 months device repayment that costs $68.70. The plans for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 varies depending on the data allowance you would like to avail. You can get this phone in Telstra’s plan for $55 which is the small mobile plan or with the $115 extra large mobile plan. The data allowance varies from plan to plan. You can have 40GB of data allowance for a month with the $55 plan or a 180GB data cap with the $115 data plan. There are no lock-in contracts in these plans. 

Telstra 5G Mobile Broadband Plans

$15 Telstra Extra Small MBB Plan

  • 5 GB of Data
  • 24 months of contract
  • Mobile network connection
  • Costs $39.95 per month if you purchased the plan with a modem

$25 Telstra Small MBB Plan

  • 20 GB of Data
  • 24 months of contract
  • Mobile network connection
  • Costs $49.95 per month if you purchased the plan with a modem

$50 Telstra Medium MBB Plan

  • 60 GB of Data
  • 24 months of contract
  • Mobile network connection
  • Costs $74.95 per month if you purchased the plan with a modem

$75 Large MBB Plan

  • 200 GB of Data
  • 24 months of contract
  • Mobile network connection
  • Costs $99.95 per month if you purchased the plan with a modem