• It's important to get the internet connected when you move homes.
  • First, see what plans are available at your new address.
  • The plan you choose will depend on your budget and your needs.

Having to install a new broadband connection whilst moving house can sometimes be a harrowing and overwhelming experience. I mean, amidst the thousand other things you have to do when shifting homes, it can be all too easy to fall victim to stress and anxiety. There are so many things to do, and often you might find yourself forgetting about a few essentials in the sheer mass of things to do – but fret not, for we are here to remember all the internet essentials for you!

First Step, Find Out If You Can Get The Internet

Finding a house that can get a steady internet connection isn't often high on the list of criteria people have when buying or leasing a new home. Afterall, we all just assume that internet is available everywhere we go, right? Well, that is the case in most areas, but also not in more rural neighbourhoods. There are several reasons as to why you may or may not be able to get internet in a new location, so calling us at 1300 763 813 or even calling up various Internet Service Providers to check if their services are available at your new location before signing any contracts is a wise idea. All you'll have to do is to ask the provider if they will be able to hook you up to an internet broadband plan at your new address. Whilst they may not be able to give you a perfect definitive answer (due to later complications with your copper phone and internet line), you can be assured that in most cases, they will be able to give you a rough idea of the possibilities or lack thereof.

If all things are fine and dandy, it’s now time to look for an NBN Broadband plan that suits your needs. Are you a student or an avid gamer? Someone who loves streaming music and movies? Or just someone who requires a broadband connection for work? Your various needs will be the deciding factor on which plans you choose to sign up to.

What Are Some Of The Best NBN Plans Available To Me?

Here are some of the NBN Broadband Plans and providers that we highly recommend.


Belong is a reliable and efficient Broadband service provider which gives customers the choice of a month to month service for their NBN connections or monthly/12 month long contracts at a discounted rate. Almost all of Belong’s broadband plans range between 100GB or unlimited data and all their plans cost under $100, which is a fantastic deal for those who really don’t want to be forking out hundreds of dollars for a NBN connection. Tier 1 speeds cost $50 per month on a contract or $55 monthly. Unlimited data on Tier one will cost you $65 or $70, with upgrades to Tier 2/Tier 5 speeds at an additional $10/$30 respectively.

Mate Communicate NBN

Mate Communicate is a fantastic and highly popular ISP which provides its users with unlimited data plans that are available  at various differing price points. This diversity of plans offered helps ensure that everyone is able to find a plan that suits their personal needs, at a price that is reasonable and not exorbitant. Just $59 a month will purchase unlimited data with Mate at a decent 12Mbps. Available also are speed increases - 25Mbps for $69, 50Mbps for $89 and 100Mbps for $99. Mate Communicate plans do not come with any finicky lock-in contracts or activation fees, so costs are kept to a minimum. In addition, Mate also offers unlimited call inclusions with their plans for an extra $9 per month.


TPG is one of the largest internet service providers in Australia and also operates the largest mobile virtual network. TPG houses a NBN M Bundle that comes at a very affordable price of $49.99 a month - ideal for students or individuals who do not want to be splashing out on an expensive internet connection every month. The NBN M Bundle comes with 100GB of data, a decent amount for those who use the internet for work, school and the occasional bouts of entertainment (movies/music streaming).


Setting up a new broadband plan can easily be done in a matter of a few hours. Knowing your needs prior to looking at various plans can also assist you in making that decision a lot faster. Do you feel like you need more advice, or guidance when it comes to setting up a new broadband plan in your new home? Well, don't hesitate to call us at 1300 763 813. Our staff are ready to help you with anything you need, so pick up that phone and get dialling.