Customers are sometimes disappointed to find that even though the prices of some broadband plans are dirt cheap, once you factor in setup and modem costs, the plan doesn’t look quite as cost-effective as it first did.

There are however economical plans which offer cheap setup fees, along with a free modem (or at least a discount on your modem). However, customers should be aware that most of these plans have longer contracts, sometimes as long as 24 months. But if you know you’ll be staying put for a while, and you’re happy to stay with the same provider, signing up for a longer contract will save you a sizeable amount on upfront costs.

Optus Fusion Plans

Optus Fusion plans offer $0 setup and a free modem with your package (a WiFi modem for plans $99 or more). This makes setting up an Optus plan free, apart from the first month’s upfront payment. Optus even deliver their modems for free.

Optus ‘yes’ Fusion plans range from $79-$149. Broadband usage starts at a massive 120GB, and all plans include unlimited local and national calls. There are no peak or off peak times for the internet.

Call Optus on 1300 137 897 to find out how you can save on upfront fees.


If you sign up for 12 or 24 months on a bundle, ADSL1 or ADSL2+ package, SpinTel offers not only free setup, but also very affordable modems. On a six-month ADSL1 plan, the setup fee is only $79.

Not only are SpinTel’s setup fees cheap, but they also have some of the cheapest plans on the market. One of their most popular broadband and home phone bundle deals costs only $39.95 per month, and includes 10GB of broadband and unlimited local calls. Customers have a choice between a 12 and 24-month contract, each with a $0 setup. A WiFi modem costs $49 on a 24-month contract, or $99 on a 24-month contract. If 10GB isn’t enough, you can pay an extra $10 per month and get 20GB. There are also larger home phone plans to bundle with if you’re a frequent dialler.

Club Telco

Club Telco’s setup fees work a little differently to other internet providers. Instead of paying a once off setup cost, Club Telco ask for an annual $50 membership fee to be part of the club. A WiFi modem from Club Telco costs only $90.

When you factor in Club Telco’s cheap plans, along with a no fixed-term contract, the annual membership fee is very affordable.

Club Telco is one of the only broadband providers who offer the same plans for ADSL1 and ADSL2+ services at the same cost. Club Telco’s prices are probably particularly attractive for customers who are after an ADSL1 service, with plans costing only $30 for 10GB, $50 for 50GB and $70 for unlimited broadband. There is no peak or off peak restrictions, and customers can also bundle their broadband with a Club Telco home phone service for an extra $30 per month.

Contact Club Telco on 1300 138 155 to find out how you can be part of the club.


Dodo offers customers who sign up for a 24-month contract free setup. Sign up for 24 months, and they’ll also throw in a free modem. The provider has dirt cheap standalone, bundle and Naked DSL plans to match their cheap setup fees. Customers in regional areas will be impressed by Dodo’s ADSL1 plans, which include an unlimited plan for only $89.80 per month including the home phone line rental.

If you’re after a Dodo home phone or broadband package, you can contact them on 1300 136 793.


iPrimus offers broadband customers (as well as those who bundle an iPrimus home phone service) 12 or 24-month contracts. A 12-month contract will cost $50 for setup, whereas on a 24-month contract there are no setup fees. A WiFi modem costs $119.95 on a 12-month contract, or $89.95 on a 24-month contract.

iPrimus offer particularly cheap Naked DSL plans, which they can setup from an inactive line. iPrimus Naked DSL plans start at only $49.95 per month for 20GB during peak hours, plus 20GB during off peak hours.

You can call iPrimus on 1300 137 794 to find out more about their broadband and home phone packages.