• How to Claim the Speed Upgrade
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  • Which is the Best NBN 100 Plan?

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Superloop is now giving speed upgrades for new customers. Its latest offers will fit those who are looking for a fast internet plan without a long lock-in contract.  

The Superloop NBN 100 plan won't only give a six-month discount on the standard plan price. New subscribers will also get a free NBN 250 speed boost for their first three months. That means signing up to Superloop's NBN 100/20 and NBN 100/40 plans will give you three months of NBN 250/25 speeds at no extra cost, with no lock-in contracts or commitment to upgrade to an NBN 250 plan. 

How to Claim the Speed Upgrade

Not everyone is eligible for the speed upgrade. To qualify for this offer, you need to be on an NBN connection type--either Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or selected Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC). Other connection types can't support the speed of the NBN 250 plan. 

To know if the speed upgrade is available in your home, visit the NBN Co website 

If FTTP or HFC connections are available in your area, the next thing to do is sign up for Superloop's NBN 100/20 or NBN 100/40 plans. You will automatically receive your three-month speed boost and the discounted price for the first six months. You only need to pay $74.95 for six months for NBN 100/20 and $88.95 per month for six months for NBN 100/40. 

Your monthly payments will return to their standard cost after the six-month discount. However, Superloop's plans are month-to-month contracts. You can switch to another plan if you want. 

Superloop NBN Plans

Note that not every Superloop plans are the same. To help you pick the right one for your needs, here are some of their NBN plans:  

  • Superloop Unlimited Standard Plus 50/20

    • 1-month contract
    • Average speed 44.4Mbps
    • Modem fee $157.95
    • Unlimited data
    • $59.95 for 6 months, then $69.95 per month 
  • Superloop Unlimited Premium 100/20

    • 1 month contract
    • Average speed 90Mbps
    • Unlimited data
    • $74.95 for 6 months, then $89.95 per month
  • Superloop Unlimited Premium 100/40

    • 1-month contract
    • Average speed 90Mbps
    • Unlimited data
    • $88.95 for 6 months, then $98.95 per month 

All the plans listed have the BYO modem option. That means you don't have to pay the modem fee. You just need to make sure that your modem supports Superloop's services.  

Which is the Best NBN 100 Plan? 

Superloop is one of the NBN providers that are giving huge discounts for their new subscribers. But if the price of their plans is a little bit high for your budget, you can also get NBN 100 from other providers, such as Dodo, Telstra, TPG, Kogan, Tangerine, and Flip. All of them are offering discounts for new subscribers. Whatever your choice is, you can save around $90 over your first six months on a new NBN 100 plan.