• Getting to know Moose Mobile
  • Which network is Moose Mobile associated with?
  • Budget phone plans from Moose Mobile

Not everyone has the budget to avail of premium mobile plans, especially when you’re looking at a month-to-month commitment. To some, cheaper plans are enough as long as they get the job done. This is one of the selling points for Optus’ budget MVNO: Moose Mobile.

Moose Mobile offers SIM-only phone plans and broadband plans that are both affordable and reliable. If you are looking to sign up or switch to a new service provider with uncomplicated terms, find out more about Moose Mobile network in this article.


Getting to know Moose Mobile

Moose Mobile is a brand founded in 2016 and is currently based in Queensland, where it is registered as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). It is privately owned by Telco Pay PTY LTD, a company that is also behind the operations of Hive Mobile.

Upon its establishment, the company signed on as an MVNO under Optus in order to sell cheaper mobile plans to customers. Moose Mobile’s services are focused on providing customer service and support and the company does this by running on Optus’ network.

Which network is Moose Mobile associated with?

MVNOs are providers of wireless communications services that do not have their own wireless network infrastructure. This explains why Moose Mobile has partnered with Optus to run its operations through the latter’s network.

Optus currently covers around 98.5% of Australia’s entire population through the company’s 3G and 4G Plus networks, including Moose Mobile and all of its customers.

Budget phone plans from Moose Mobile

Each of Moose Mobile’s plans is powered by the Optus 4G network and comes with unlimited calls and texts. The only exception is the $8.80 SIM which gives the customer 200 minutes of local calls.

With most of the mobile plans available for subscribers, the difference is in the amount of data allocation. Options vary between a 500MB allowance for light data consumption and up to 80GB of allocation for heavy internet users.

The overall costs depend on the length of your contract, with 12-month lock-in plans turning out to be more cost-effective. Moose Mobile phone plan contracts that are fixed for 12 months offer more data allowance and additional international call credit. For those who prefer more flexibility, though, month-to-month plans still yield great offers.

From the wide selection of affordable phone plans from Moose Mobile, the most popular are: the 20GB data plan that costs $21.80 per month, the 35GB data plan that costs $28.8 per month, and the extremely budget-friendly 6GB data plan for only $14.80 per month.

If you want to know the comparison between Moose Mobile’s phone plans and other data plans, you can contact or call Compare Broadband at 1300 106 571 for assistance.

Budget broadband plans from Moose

Aside from budget mobile plans, Moose Mobile also offers broadband plans to customers. Data allowance ranges from 1.5GB to as much as 250GB per month, with 12-month lock-in periods still providing the most value for money. 

The network’s SIMs are only compatible for use with an unlocked dongle. However, subscribers have the option to avail of a USB dongle with their plans for an extra $39 or a Wi-Fi dongle for $79.

The most favoured broadband plan from Moose Mobile is the Moose 50GB 12M Data Sim plan that costs $36 per month. 

Signing up for a Moose Mobile plan

Signing up for a Moose Mobile plan is quick and simple. Just visit their website, then select your preferred data allowance and contract setup. Add a dongle to your plan if you wish or avail of the $15 express shipping. Once done, click checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Moose Mobile SIM?

Moose Mobile’s operations are purely online, without storefronts and stockists. A SIM can be purchased through their official website, which you can then have delivered to your preferred address.

Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade a Moose Mobile plan?

If you signed up for the 12-month contract, upgrading or downgrading your mobile plan won’t be possible until you finish the lock-in period. However, customers who availed of the month-to-month contract are entitled to two plan changes in a year. Anything more than that would set you back by $20.

Can I cancel my Moose Mobile plan?

Yes, but keep in mind that you may have to pay for the remainder of your contract if you are in a 12-month lock-in period.

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