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Telstra customers have started to receive emails from the telco about increasing home internet pricing. From July 1, Telstra customers on the two cheapest speed tiers are going to be facing up to an extra $60 a year to stay connected through Telstra.


It’s not entirely bad news. Telstra customers on the more expensive speed tiers are going to see a decrease in their monthly fees because of the price update.

The pricing adjustment comes off the back of NBN Co adjusting their wholesale prices.


Here’s a breakdown of the price adjustment for each plan:


Internet plan

Price per month

Typical evening speeds

7pm - 11pm (no change)

Basic nbn / Core Internet

$85 increases to $89

Download 25Mbps | Upload 4Mbps

Essential nbn / Unlimited Internet

$100 increases to $105

Download 50Mbps | Upload 17Mbps

Premium nbn / Premium Internet

$110 (no price change)

Download 100Mbps | Upload 17Mbps

Ultimate nbn

$135 decreases to $130

Download 250Mbps | Upload 22Mbps

Ultrafast nbn

$170 decreases to $150

Download 700Mbps | Upload 40Mbps

How to avoid the price increase

If you’re a Telstra customer who hates paying more for the same thing, then there are a few options available to you. But no matter what you choose, the team at Compare Broadband is here to help you find the right plan for your needs.


Option 1: Upgrade your plan


While customers on the 50 Mbps are going to end up paying an extra $5 a month on Telstra, with prices increasing from $100 to $105, the 100Mbps plan is still just $110 per month. That means you can double your speed for an extra $10 per month, instead of getting nothing extra for $5 a month.


Of course, in this scenario, you will still pay more. Unless you combine it with option 2…

Option 2: Switch provider

Even though NBN Co provides the infrastructure for all NBN connections, no matter where you live, Telstra is still on the pricier side of things when it comes to plans.


You could save as much as $250 per year by switching providers, while still getting your Internet delivered through the same network. The only thing that will change is the company that sends you the bill.


Plus, one benefit of switching providers is that many will send you a new modem for free. Modern routers have come a long way since the NBN was first introduced, so you may find that you’ll get a better price and a better home Wi-Fi.


You’ll be able to keep your home phone number, and switching can be as easy as having a 10 minute phone conversation.


To give you an idea of the price difference, here are three of the best value NBN 50 plans available right now:



Tangerine Telecom broadband provider logo
Tangerine Telecom Value Plus Broadband Plan
  • Unlimited
  • 50/17 Mbps
  • Deal: $59.90 for first 6 months, then $79.90 ongoing
$59 .90/ mth
Min total cost $59.90
Superloop broadband provider logo
Superloop nbn™ Extra-Value Broadband Plan
  • Unlimited
  • 48/17 Mbps
  • Deal: $65 for first 6 months, then $79 ongoing
Superloop broadband provider logo
Superloop nbn™ Extra-Value Broadband + PAYG Home Phone Bundle Plan
  • Unlimited
  • 48/17 Mbps
  • Deal: $65 for first 6 months, then $79 ongoing
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