• How Much Are NBN Plans Over 100Mbps?
  • What Can I Do With Speeds Over 100Mbps?
  • Do I Need Speeds Over 100Mbps?

Necessity is truly the mother of all inventions.

We are now no longer bound to endure the curse of the slow internet connections! It is all thanks to NBN that innovations and developments on internet services are born! NBN utilises a wide range of broadband technologies including:

  • Fibre to the building (FTTB)
  • Fibre to the node (FTTN)
  • Fibre to the premises (FTTP)
  • HybridFibre Coax
  • Fixed wireless
  • Satellites

All of these broadband technologies are implored to provide better internet service to the consumer. These advancements only led to a faster and more consistent connection. It was just recently that NBN 100 is the fastest widely available NBN speed tier and now we have its competitors vying to win the race.

What can NBN 100 offer?

Back then, there were basically  4 standard NBN plans offered. The basic which is 12 mbps, the standard that is 25 mbps, the 50 mbps plan is called the standard plus, and last the fastest of them all, the premium tier NBN 100 which can offer 100 mbps.

The premium plan is good for big households and for those whose works include downloading and uploading large files.

This plan is well suited for all kinds of people--may it be from grandma who likes watching cat videos on Facebook, or the grandchild who loves playing online games--NBN 100 won’t fail you since it has faster upload and download connectivity.

If you are eyeing to purchase the fast plan NBN 100, Compare Broadband has listed the three leading NBN 100 internet service providers for you.

Kogan internet offers unlimited data cap at 84 mbps at an affordable price. We also have Aussie Broadband, the all-Aussie owned company, that offers the best average peak-time speeds for NBN 100 plans at 90Mbps. TPG is also in the list of the best NBN 100 plan providers.

Human wants are really insatiable and never ending! If you are still unsatisfied with what NBN 100 can provide, watch out for its tough competitors: the NBN 250 and NBN 1000!

NBN 250: Made even faster!

This plan is currently only available on a few internet providers including Aussie Broadband, Superlloop, and MyRepublic. The typical evening speed of this plan which varies per internet service provider ranges from 150 mbps to 215 mbps.

Aussie Broadband’s NBN 250/25 Unlimited- Power user nbn currently offers unlimited data with 215 mbps evening speed, and no contract term at a minimum cost of 129 dollars a month. On the other hand, Superloop UNLIMITED NBN package offers almost the same specifications with Aussie Broadband: unlimited data with 215 mbps evening speed, and no contract term,  but with a lower price of 119 dollars per month and a discount offer. MyRepublic’s offer so far has the lowest price at 109 dollars per month, however with a downgrade on the evening speed of 150 mbps but still is in a no contract agreement.

What is with NBN 1000?

If you are a fan of Iron Man and the fastest internet tier so far, you can now say I love you 1000! This NBN plan is 10x faster than the NBN 100. So if you are looking for a plan that is fit for your community-size family or for your growing company or business, this could be the best fit for you.

Launtel has a different plan offered to its consumers. Instead of paying on a monthly basis, Launtel offers a per day payment so that the consumers can turn it off when they are not using it. However, if you don’t want to pause your service and would like to pay on a monthly basis, you would have to pay 139.90 dollars for the plan. The company prouds a 450 mbps typical evening speed for its NBN 1000 plan.

A typical evening speed of 250 mbps is said to be the package of Aussie Broadband’s NBN 1000. At 149 dollars per month, the Aussie Broadband’s NBN 1000 package is unlimited. On the similar note, Superloop’s NBN 1000 also records 250 mbps evening speed. However, the 139 dollars monthly plan is capped up to 3 terabytes . Both providers have given their words about improving the service after careful analysis of real world data.  

Vodafone has also entered the niche for this type of plan offering a  typical evening speed of 250 mbps.

So far, these are the few internet providers offering the plans faster than NBN 100.

What could you get from faster plans like NBN 250 and NBN 1000?

If you have noticed, “typical evening speed” has been mentioned repeatedly throughout the discussion. So, what does it mean? What does it indicate?

The typical evening speed for a plan is basically how fast your connection will be on average during the period where most of the people are using the internet. It simply means that you are being freed from the hassle of experiencing slow connections during peak hours.

In addition, uploading and downloading large files are much faster compared to other plans. It also provides you a higher capacity of users without having to compromise the speed. Gaming online would be a lot smoother and posting your images in insta would be as quick as blinking!

If you are looking for trusted and reliable NBN service providers, contact us at Compare Broadband or browse our website for quick guides and related articles.