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Welcome to another week of NBN broadband comparisons. In this week’s edition, we will be looking into both Optus and Telstra’s NBN plans that are currently on offer to the public. Both Optus and Telstra are giants in the telco industry, providing consistent and quality broadband connections to homes and offices all around Australia. In this article, we will look at the various plans offered by both companies inclusive of connection speed, data limits and differing prices. Read on to find out more.


Optus NBN Plans - Call 1300 106 571

Optus is one of the leading companies in Australia, proving mobile phone connections and NBN internet connections to hundreds of thousands of us Australians today. From the very get go,  Optus offers their $80 My Basics bundle which boasts a basic maximum download speed of 12Mbps, again, the industry standard for Tier 1. For $90 a month, you can choose to upgrade to a Tier 2 speeds of 25Mbps, whilst $100 per month will get you download speeds of up to 50Mbps. If you’re looking for the fastest internet speeds available in today’s market, adding $30 to your My Basic bundle will get you top NBN speeds of up to 100Mbps. Aside from efficient and reliable NBN broadband, all the mentioned plans come with a bonus of unlimited standard local calls to landlines. On top of all that, Optus also offers access to Fetch, starting at $80 a month. All plans are available on a 2 year contract or on a month to month option, with the latter costing you an upfront fee of $200 which will be waived if you commit to Optus long term.

Telstra NBN Plans - Call 1300 106 571

The most basic NBN bundle that Telstra offers comes with maximum download speeds of 25Mbps, with speed boosts available on purchase if you are looking for a speed upgrade. Most bundles start off at $90 a month for 500GB of data on a Medium bundle, $120 for 1000GB and $140 for 1500GB which is essentially unlimited data for the month.

An extra $20 a month will see you upgrading your plan of choice to a ‘Very Fast’ connection with 50Mbps download speeds. Following suit, an additional $30 a month will get you upgraded to Superfast 100 Mbps speeds, the maximum speed available to us today.


Similar to Optus, Telstra NBN broadband plans also come with the option of adding a Foxtel or Telstra TV subscription which gives you access to streaming services such as Netflix and Stan.